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Is a Virtual Mentalist Right For Your Next Online Event?

A picture of a virtual mentalist.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind entertainer to perform at your next online conference, fundraiser, or business meeting? A virtual mentalist might be the ticket!

If you’re not familiar with the profession, a mentalist is a mind reader who can make accurate predictions that stun audiences. A virtual mentalist, then, is a performer who can do this via a video conference tool like Zoom.

Mentalists are NOT psychics. They don’t commune with spirits or predict the future. They just have a unique ability to guess what audience members are thinking.

Why Should You Hire a Virtual Mentalist?

If we’re being honest, you probably never thought to hire a mentalist. You might even think them better suited to child birthday parties than adult events. But the truth is, mentalists can really elevate a get-together — in-person or virtual. Here’s why:

Audience Engagement

A virtual mentalist show requires audience participation. After all, no one would be impressed if the performer simply read their own mind. Since online events often struggle to engage audience members, this kind of act may be the perfect way to rope them in.

But don’t worry, not all of your event attendees will be forced to participate. Those who want to interact with the entertainer will be able to, while everyone else will be free to simply observe the show.

Flexible Formats

Virtual mentalists can also perform for a wide variety of gatherings.

Booking a large business conference via Zoom? Bring in a mentalist to perform live for your attendees. Hosting a hybrid employee training event? Hire a mentalist to entertain in between sessions.

Whatever kind of online get-together you have planned, a virtual mentalist can make it more entertaining and memorable — guaranteed!

The Best Virtual Mentalists For Corporate Events

So you’re thinking you might want to hire a virtual mentalist for your next digital shindig. The question is, which performer is right for your event? Here are three top-notch options:

1. Oz Pearlman

Oz Pearlman is one of the best virtual mentalists and corporate event entertainers in the world. He was first discovered on America’s Got Talent and now hosts his own show on NBC. What makes Oz so amazing? He’s never wrong!

Oz is a mind reading extraordinaire, which is why professional athletes, politicians, Hollywood celebrities and other famous personalities enjoy his shows.

2. Colin Cloud

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes lived in the 21st century and used his brilliant mind to entertain audiences via Zoom rather than solve grisly murders. Now stop imagining it and book America’s Got Talent finalist Colin Cloud for your next online event.

Cloud has mastered the fine arts of deduction and will have your audience both amazed and laughing out loud during his set.

3. The Evasons

The Evasons are one of very few couples in history who have mastered the rare and specialized talent known as Second Sight. They define two-person mentalism. The Evasons’ network TV appearances include NBC, CBS, FOX, CW Network, Discovery Channel, and Netflix. They have entertained troops overseas and headlined cruise ships and casino showrooms.

4. Mark Toland

Then there’s Mark Toland, an award-winning mentalist whose talents have been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NPR. But Mark doesn’t just perform on TV. He also tours the world, playing sold out shows and garnering the highest possible reviews.

Hire this virtual mentalist for your next online get-together and you won’t be disappointed!

Book a Virtual Mentalist Today

Ready to book a virtual mentalist for your next digital event? Give us a call! At Funny Business, we have 25+ years of experience booking the world’s best performers for a variety of gatherings. We can help you find the perfect entertainer for your event, too.

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