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Inject Energy Into Your Next Corporate Meeting

Inject Energy into your next Corporate Meeting - Funny Business Agency

On average, an executive spends nearly 23 hours a week in scheduled meetings. If you factor in those unscheduled pop up meetings, or the old meeting to have a meeting, you are looking at 30 hours a week. In meetings! 

Stats also show that meetings are increasingly longer quarter over quarter. Staff are more disenchanted with meetings.

For those meetings that run a full day – factor in some downtime for fun. It’s a smart business move. Bring in some entertainment.  Re-energize meeting participants. With new energy at your corporate meeting, your team will see that meetings are important enough to you, that you want to create a positive experience.

Investing in workplace morale helps improve productivity, efficiency. Not to mention the goodwill it fosters with your staff provides measurable returns.

Consider a corporate comedian or magician!  Schedule it after lunch so productivity isn’t lost. Even better start the day with some unexpected fun on day 2 or 3, when everyone’s eyes have glazed over.

Avoid the 3PM crash by taking a 30 minute break in the afternoon for entertainment. 

There are countless options for meeting entertainment.  A mentalist is a lot of fun in corporate settings. Watch your staff delight in the knowledge the mentalist has about them!

Vinny DePonto - Mentalist and Magician for Hire

Why Invest in Corporate Entertainment?

Are you looking to inject energy into your next corporate meeting?

We all know that efficiency and productivity impact your bottom line. Investing in keeping employees motivated to be productive pays off in more ways than just increased output.

Forbes shared that the median cost of employee turnover is 21% of their annual salary. 

Employee retention, saves you this turnover cost. It also builds history. Legacy data and information in an employee is valuable to a company. 

On LinkedIn, it was shared that physical, non-monetary gifts (experiences) create more feelings of appreciation.

An experience that spouses can share in – such as parties with entertainment are high on the list of appreciated gifts from management.

Working with experienced Entertainment Agency

There are countless reasons to inject energy into a corporate meeting to create memorable experiences and foster excellent relationships in the workplace. When you work with an agency that specializes in corporate event entertainment, the headaches involved with hiring entertainment are no longer a concern. From selecting the best act, to contract negotiations and a smooth running event day – Funny Business Agency is so well versed and experienced that you don’t have to waste your time worrying.

Let’s talk about your ideas for your next event – we’ll make custom suggestions and show you how easy the process is with us.


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