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Ideas to Promote Charity Fundraisers

Marketing and Promoting Fundraisers

Are you looking for ideas to promote charity fundraisers? Getting maximum exposure for your fundraiser event is crucial to the success of your event. Promoting your fundraiser in different ways on various platforms will increase your reach and exposure.

Here are a collection of our best tips for promoting your fundraising event:

Develop a unique landing page for  your event. It will stand out more, especially if you are doing advertising, if you have a stand-alone page. When you create the page, keep these essentials in mind:

  • Use a strong headline that will capture the attention of your audience and let them know they can make a big difference by attending.
  • Include any types of incentives or benefits, like celebrities, prizes, special venue etc.
  • Pay attention to your call-to-action text/buttons. You want them to be easy to find on the page, to be compelling and visually appealing. Consider contrasting colors to make sure they stand out.

Offer early-bird tickets and promote the special offer.

Marketing and Promoting Fundraiser - Funny Business Agency

Hire a photographer that will take photos and videos that you can share and use for next year’s event promotion. Use photos from past events and use photos of the people that are benefiting from the funds raised. Let people see the money in action.

Select a popular venue and ensure you mention it on all your promotional material. The venue may compel your audience to come on out.

Select event entertainment that will draw a crowd and use that heavily in your promotions. Celebrity entertainers are always a success and are a great way to generate buzz and word of mouth exposure.

Plan a three-part email series: start with an event announcement – include the date, venue and exciting details. Then send a reminder. Lastly send a last chance email. Encourage staff, speakers, and even event registrants to share info about the event on their social media. This is one of the best ideas to promote charity fundraisers.

Submit your fundraiser event details to local media outlets

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Focus on FOMO (fear of missing out) – no one wants to miss out on fun. Let everyone know how fun your event is going to be If possible, play up mystery / surprises / suspense by alluding to different surprises that will be announced

Use hashtags: Create a custom hashtag, something like #EventNameYear  Use existing trending hashtags to tap into conversations that are already happening

Create exclusivity (“by invite only” and have people request an invite)

Using Social Media to promote your event

Use social media:  Create pages and events and take advantage of all of the features social media offers you. Update cover images to highlight the upcoming fundraiser Stay active. Post consistently across all of your social media accounts, linking to your landing page.

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Facebook ads and retargeting (run Facebook ads at people who have visited your event page but not yet registered)

Create a video for your fundraising event and circulate it as much as possible

We hope these tips are helpful to you. If you are looking for more ideas to promote charity Fundraisers, please check out Your Complete Guide to Fundraiser Entertainment for more helpful advice.


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