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How to Choose the Right Event Host

Choose the Right Event Host.

You’re planning an event and it’s going to be awesome! You booked a killer venue, top-level speakers, the best caterer in town, and a few entertainment options that you know your guests are going to love. But there’s still something missing…

That’s right, you need to hire the right event host to emcee your get-together!

Keep reading this article to learn what event hosts actually do, how to choose the perfect emcee, and how to book them once you do.

What Do Event Hosts Do?

The simple answer is: host events—duh!

But a professional emcee, the kind that companies pay large fees to, does so much more than just host. They also help organize get-togethers, welcome and manage the invited guests, make sure that all hired staff and entertainers are provided for, and more.

The truth is, event hosting is an important job that not many people are equipped to do successfully. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right emcee for your next shindig.

Choose the Perfect Emcee

The emcee you hire has the power to make or break your event, which is why you need to choose your host wisely. But how? Simple, just follow these three steps:

Analyze Your Event

The first thing you need to do is identify the kind of event you want to host. Will it be a virtual get-together or will you rent a venue and invite guests to come in-person? Some event hosts will only agree to emcee specific kinds of events, so bear that in mind.

You should also decide what the tone of your event will be—serious, funny, somewhere in between? If you’re hosting a humorous gathering, consider booking an emcee like Taylor Hughes, who is an experienced entertainer and can crack jokes while performing magic tricks for your guests as he helps transition your audience from one segment of the night to another.

For serious get-togethers, someone like Amy McWhirter would be a perfect fit. Amy has a unique ability to connect with people, which is why she’s hosted events for large brands like KitchenAide, PBS, and Cadillac, amongst others.

Pinpoint Event Details

Next, pinpoint important event details like when your shindig will take place and your budget for a master of ceremonies. This will help you narrow down your event host options.

For example, if your event is set to take place in October, but one of the emcees you’re interested in hiring is booked through November, you can immediately scratch them off your list. Similarly, if you have $5,000 budgeted for an event host, but the emcee you want to work with charges $7,500, you can move on to other potential partners.

Take time to narrow down as many event details as possible!

View Your Options

Finally, gather up the emcees who fit your criteria: event type and tone, timing, and budget. Then watch demos and/or read reviews for the event hosts that are still on your list. This will allow you to learn if they are really the right fit for your gathering.

A simple Google or YouTube search should do the trick. Or you can learn more about specific emcees on the Funny Business website Speaking of…

How to Book an Event Host

Once you find the right event host, you need to book them for your get-together. But entertainment contracts can be tricky, which is why you should work with Funny Business.

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and would be happy to engage with an emcee on your behalf. Or, if you want to make the whole booking process even easier, you can simply tell us about your event and we’ll pick the perfect event host for you. That way you can focus your attention on the other details of your gathering.

Contact Funny Business today and we’ll make sure your next event, in-person or virtual, has an amazing, professional emcee to help keep your guests entertained and engaged.

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