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How to Boost Virtual Event Engagement

How to Boost Virtual Event Engagement - Funny Business Agency

If you’re planning an online get-together, you probably have a lot of questions. One of them is undoubtedly, how can we improve virtual event engagement?

This is a very important question to answer because virtual events are notorious for low attendee engagement levels. Don’t let this ruin to your next shindig! Take a look at the three virtual event engagement ideas below to make sure you’re prepared.

3 Virtual Event Engagement Ideas

Now that online get-togethers have become popular, you need to learn how to keep attendees engaged during virtual events. Here are three virtual engagement ideas to help:

1. Survey Your Audience

One of the easiest ways to engage your audience is to ask them questions via polls and surveys. There are three specific polls/surveys you should send:

  • Pre-Event Surveys: Firstly, ask your attendees what they hope to get out of your virtual event. Doing so will make your audience feel like their voices are being heard. It will also enable you to plan better content that attendees will be happy to engage with.
  • Live Event Polls: Secondly, keep the conversation flowing and ask your audience questions during your virtual event. These questions could range from simple icebreakers to serious industry questions directed at keynote speakers.
  • Post-Event Surveys: Thirdly, survey your audience after your event concludes to learn what they enjoyed and what they didn’t. Exit polls make attendees feel heard as well and increase the chances of them engaging with future events.

According to Markletic, 81.8% of virtual event organizers use polling to improve interaction. If you’re looking to boost virtual event engagement, you should use polls, too.

2. Gamify the Event Experience

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? Gamify your virtual event experience and you’ll see engagement increase—guaranteed. But how do you do it?

  • Host a virtual exhibition hall and award points for every digital booth your attendees visit. Then allow them to spend their points on prizes.
  • Send quizzes to your audience based on the content taught at your event. Then reward attendees who get at least 80% of the questions right.
  • Hold a “best-dressed” contest and allow attendees to show off their conference clothes. Then allow participants to vote on a winner.

There are plenty of ways you can boost virtual event engagement through gamification. Take a few minutes to brainstorm ideas. Then implement them into your online get-together.

3. Hire Professional Entertainment

Hiring professional entertainers is the perfect virtual event engagement strategy. After all, these folks engage audiences for a living. For example, you could book:

  • An Event Host: You might not think of hosts as professional entertainment. But they’re vital to a successful event. The right virtual emcee will ensure your event runs smoothly and your guests remain engaged from beginning to end.
  • Comedy Routines: Standup comedians, sketch comedy acts, musical comedy performers… Entertainers that make people laugh are always a hit. Help your attendees relax and engage with a proven virtual comedian.
  • Magic and Mentalism: Want to get your attendees to sit up and pay attention? Blow their minds with a magic or mentalism routine. Virtual magicians are the perfect addition to any get-together because their acts are naturally engaging.
  • Interactive Entertainment: If you’re looking for a more interactive entertainment experience, we’ve got your covered. Virtual experiences like escape rooms and mixology classes literally can’t be enjoyed unless attendees engage.

Quality entertainment is naturally engaging. Contact Funny Business Agency and we’ll connect you to professional, pre-vetted performers who will elevate your virtual event.

Win at Virtual Event Engagement

Virtual event engagement is critical to the success of your next online get-together. Fortunately, you now know three proven ways to improve attendee engagement. Good luck!

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