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Host a Stand-Out Virtual Gala

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If you’re looking to host a virtual gala this year, we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn our favorite virtual gala ideas and a few entertainment options you can book to ensure your event is fun for attendees.

Virtual Gala Ideas

So what kind of virtual gala can you throw? The sky’s the limit! Whether you’re looking to host a corporate event, charitable get-together, or personal shindig, here are a few virtual gala ideas you can use to spice up your next meeting:

Charity Fundraiser

Galas are often associated with fundraising and there’s no reason why your virtual gala can’t help raise money for an important cause. Just remember to iron out the details ahead of time.

For example, are you auctioning off items? Develop ways to showcase the goods to your virtual audience. How will folks show their support? Will you provide a payment link of some sort for people to make donations through? Lock down this information ASAP!

Award Ceremony

Honor your attendees and turn your virtual gala into an award ceremony. This is a perfect idea for end-of-year corporate events. Why? Because it gives company leadership the time to celebrate the year’s accomplishments, as well as exceptional employee achievements.

Again, make sure you plan ahead. You’ll want to know what the rewards are, how they’ll be delivered to recipients, and who’s presenting them before your virtual gala begins.

Connection Times

Why do people attend galas? So many reasons, but for most people, the chance to wear fancy clothes and meet new personalities are high on the list.

Just because your guests won’t be attending your virtual gala in person, doesn’t mean you can’t allow them to wear upscale attire and meet others. Provide connection times so that your guests can interact with each other via video conference.

Don’t Forget About Entertainment!

What’s a virtual gala without entertainment? In a word: boring. You don’t want your event to be boring do you? Then consider booking quality entertainment for your guests, for example:

  • Stand Up Comedians: We all love to laugh. Give your guests a night to remember by booking a talented virtual comedian. Their routine can be live or prerecorded.
  • Magicians & Mentalists: Book a virtual magician and trade laughter for wonder. Amaze your guests with a jaw-dropping performance from a qualified professional.
  • Engaging Party Games: Help your guests loosen up and have fun at your event via a virtual trivia night or virtual escape room game.

Give Your Virtual Gala a Boost

From virtual gala ideas to the entertainment options listed above, there are plenty of ways to make sure your digital gathering is as successful as any in-person one.

Looking to book a stand up comedian, magician, or party game for your virtual gala? We can help! At Funny Business, we’ve been booking the best performers in the world for more than two decades. Contact us today and we’ll find you an amazing entertainer that fits your budget.

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