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What You Need To Know About Producing A Comedy Show

How do you produce a Comedy Show?

Producing a Comedy Show - On Stage - Funny Business Agency

Comedy Show Production

When you are producing a comedy show, one of the areas that often causes confusion is equipment and production for the entertainer. Your contract should outline what equipment is needed – and typically it is your responsibility to provide it all. While the needed production (sound, lights, stage) are very minimal compared to other forms of entertainment like bands and certain variety act, getting the sound and lights the setup will have a big impact on the show

Before you check out rentals, you should work with your venue to determine what is included and what they have available for an extra fee. You can also ask them if they have a source they can recommend for renting the items you need. They typically have relationships with various vendors and can recommend a reliable company for you.

What Equipment Do You Need for a Comedians?

When hiring a comedian, you will find that they have their own preferences and requirements, that is why it’s important to make sure the contract covers these details. You don’t want to be unprepared or hit with last minute unexpected expenses.

In most cases, a comedian on stage will require:

    1. Professional PA/Sound system with front facing speakers
    2. Wired handheld microphone
    3. Microphone stand with a round base
    4. Backless stool
    5. Stage
    6. Stage lighting
    7. Green room

The Value of Production

Proper setup allows for the best atmosphere for guests to enjoy the show. You want the comedian comfortable so they can focus on delivering their humor without distraction. You want guests to be able to hear and see easily. The equipment will help ensure it all goes off smoothly.

It’s important, if possible,  to run a full technical rehearsal to ensure that all equipment functions as expected.

Find Help with Booking Comedy

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