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Looking for a corporate entertainment agency for New York? NYC + FBA = uh, NYCFBA? Ok, enough with the algebra. Plainly put, New York City plus Funny Business Agency equals the best booked entertainment known to the Big Apple. Some agencies will tell you they scour the market looking for the talent you need … Yeesh, that sounds like fun. We tend to prefer the knowledgeable network approach over the scouring. We have direct lines to all the big-name acts, and more importantly we have the industry wisdom to help tailor the best talent to your specific event.

Nobody serves up entertainment and comedy to the New York City area like Funny Business Agency. We’ll find you the best

We provide entertainment for corporate events, conventions, conferences, award banquets, sales meetings, corporate holiday parties, product launches and more. We help you find national entertainment acts that rock the house and leave you smiling every time.

Want the best corporate entertainment in New York? Simply fill out our handy little contact form found almost everywhere on our site, or just use ye’ ole’ telly and give us a ring!

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