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Here it is – The Best Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

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We will explore corporate entertainment types, specific entertainers and some other tips and ideas to make your 2022 corporate holiday party the best event you’ve ever hosted.

Some of the most popular holiday party ideas, year after year are:

Clean and Corporate Comedians 

Your guests enjoy an evening of laughter without any concern of anyone being offended. The acts are clean and incredibly funny. Keeping the humor clean and appropriate for a corporate audience does not mean sacrificing laughs. A clean comedian has just as much to offer and it keeps it on a level that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. 

Did you know an evening of laughter can help reduce stress, create a bond among your guests and create memories your guests will remember and talk about well past the event?

Comedy is definitely one of the most popular corporate holiday party ideas.

It’s important to note that clean comedians and corporate comedians are not the exact same. A corporate comedian has specific experience in entertaining a corporate audience, with material that is targeted to that audience.

When determining who to hire, talk to us and we’ll help you sort out who is best, based on your audience for the evening.


Extremely popular for corporate holiday parties, mentalists have shows that are both engaging and amazing. Your guests will enjoy laughter and awe, as they marvel at what just happened on show.

Game Shows  

A really fun, interactive and unexpected holiday party idea that is always a hit with guests. This gives you the option to really personalize the event by including questions or trivia related to your industry, company or team. It’s great to see friends and coworkers battle it out on stage. 


Amaze your guests with the intrigue of a magician. In many cases, magicians are also comedians and you can count on laughter as well as illusions that will thrill your guests. Always popular at any event, but especially at corporate holiday parties. 


Some may think ventriloquists are a thing of the past – that is until they sit down in front of a “talking” puppet. Always a good time and is often interactive as the puppet engages with the audience.

Variety Acts 

Variety acts are increasingly popular – think America’s Got Talent! Working with an experienced and skilled entertainment agency is the best way to ensure you find the hottest acts.

With over 30 years of building relationships with the best talent, we are confident we have exactly what you are looking for. Explore our site or get in touch and let us help you select the best entertainment for your holiday party.

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