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Harry Freedman: Corporate Comedy at its Finest

There are plenty of reasons to hire a corporate comedian.

You may want to reward your team for a job well done. Or entertain them during an important training seminar. Or bring them closer together through shared humor.

Whatever your reasons are, Harry Freedman is the corporate comedian you need.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Harry, share a bit of his background, and tell you why his comedic routines are so highly rated. Then we’ll let you know how to book Harry for your own corporate events if you so choose. Let’s get started!

Who is Harry Freedman?

Harry Freedman is a professional comedian and actor, who’s worked with hundreds of Fortune 1,000 companies and appeared in popular TV shows like “Everybody Loves Raymond” on CBS and “Men of a Certain Age” on TNT.

When it comes to corporate comedy, Harry specializes in “put-on” acts (more on this in the next section,) which is why he’s known as “The Nation’s Misleading Expert.”

In addition to being an acclaimed stand-up comedian and actor, Harry is also an in-demand event emcee. Organizations of all kinds hire Harry to entertain guests and make sure all event proceedings go smoothly, from the beginning of the get-together to the end.

“Thank you very much for being a part of our recent Corporate HR conference. Your delivery was tasteful, thoughtful and most importantly really funny! Everyone was caught off-guard, which enhanced their experience greatly, and your comedy was extremely well received.” – Denis Hickey, GE Corporate HR Director

What Does Harry Freedman Do?

Companies hire Harry Freedman for a variety of reasons. But he’s best known for his comedy put-on routines. Let’s talk about those in greater detail…

Comedy Put-Ons

If you hire Harry for a put-on routine, he’ll show up to your event and pretend to be an industry expert. He’ll then deliver his customized presentation, which is sure to be full of laughs, all while making your audience believe he’s actually who he says he is.

At the end of Harry’s presentation, it will be revealed that he is not, in fact, an industry expert. But Harry’s so funny, your crowd will only laugh harder when they realize they’ve been had.

The best part about Harry’s put-on routines is that he’ll personalize them to your specific company and industry. This helps him keep up the “industry expert” ruse and ensures his collection of jokes hits even harder than they would if he didn’t come so prepared.

Event Hosting

When Harry Freedman isn’t performing put-on routines, he’s probably hosting an event.

Companies in a range of different industries love working with Harry because he understands how to keep an event flowing. He also has the comedic chops to entertain audiences in between keynote speeches, event sessions, and more.

Comedy Routines

As a professional comedian, Harry Freedman has performed at prestigious venues in Las Vegas and New York City. He’s also shared the stage with some of the world’s funniest minds, including Rosie O’Donnell and Ray Romano.

So if you’re looking to give your corporate crowd a few laughs, Harry’s your guy. Book him for your next conference, fundraiser, or holiday party today. (We’ll show you how in a minute.)

Is Harry Freedman Available For Virtual Events?

Virtual and hybrid events have exploded in popularity over the past two years. So we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that your next event is not an in-person affair.

We’re happy to say that Harry Freedman is available for both virtual and hybrid events!

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re hosting. If it’s related to your business and requires a sense of humor, Harry will be happy to perform. You just have to reach out to him…

The Easy Way to Book Harry Freedman

What’s the best, easiest way to book Harry Freeman for your corporate event? Just get in touch with us here at Funny Business Agency.

We have a great working relationship with Harry and would be happy to connect you to him. If you want, we’ll even iron out the details of your contract and make sure that you and Harry come to acceptable terms. Sound like a plan? Let’s work together!

I have received rave reviews regarding your presentation on health care. Your ability to inject humor into what is typically very serious subject matter not only caught the management team off guard, it provided management a transition point from their very busy and demanding professional role to one of relaxation and excitement.” R. Scott Liff, Mt. Diablo Health System

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