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Fundraising Entertainment: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck


If you are putting on a fundraising event you probably have 3 main goals:

  1. Raise money for your group or cause
  2. Leave your guests with a lasting, positive impression of your group
  3. Spread awareness of your group or cause


Achieving one of these things seems doable, but all three of them? With one event how can you manage it all? The answer: live entertainment. All of the heavy lifting doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders; a skilled, professional entertainer can help you accomplish all of your goals. Below are four things live entertainment can bring to the table.

Interactive Experience

When putting on a fundraiser one of the best ways to reach your monetary goals and leave a good impression is to make your guests feel involved with your cause. When selling a product most companies try to sell an experience, not just a good. You want to do the same with your fundraiser. Give your guests an experience that they can remember and associate with your cause. A great way to do this is through interactive entertainment. Acts that bring guests up on stage or require extreme audience participation (such as game shows and hypnotist) are perfect for getting your guests involved.


Smiling increases happiness and lowers stress and laughter improves mood, relieves pain, and increases self-satisfaction. Why am I telling you this? If you want people to leave our event feeling great about themselves, the world, and your group, laughter is key. Comedians and improv groups aren’t just entertainment. They don’t just keep crowds busy. They effectively boost the mood of their audiences. If you want all in attendance to leave your event with a positive impression of your group, make them happy. Put an entertainer in front of them who is an expert at inducing laughter. You won’t just be giving your guests something to watch for an hour, you will be changing the way they feel for the better.

Personal Experience

You want your guests to leave your event feeling connected to your group, but it is hard to let all of your guests know how important they are. How are you supposed to leave your guests with the knowledge that they are pivotal in helping your cause? Well, you could announce it in a speech like everyone else, or you could provide your guests with entertainment that feels more personal. Having roving performers or multiple performers entertaining your audience ensures that every individual feels like more than just a member of the crowd.

The Wow factor

This is your big night; your chance to show the community what you’re all about. You want them to see that your group is unique, distinct, and trying to make as big a difference as possible. But how? Choose an entertainer to match your message. Wow your audience with something they have never seen before. There are plenty of show-stopping entertainers out there that can make your group stand out from the rest.

If you want to impress your guests without hitting them with something too crazy, celebrity acts tend to bring the “wow” factor as well. Along with drawing massive crowds, celebrity performers are a novel thing; people get a kick out of seeing someone famous perform. Celebrities also carry a certain amount of clout, elevating your group in the minds of guests.

It may sound too good to be true, but the right entertainer can deliver on all 4 of these things. Don’t let your evening fall flat, generate buzz and leave your guests inspired and ready to help your cause. Book entertainment that will impress.

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