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Fundraiser Ideas: Host a Comedy Night

Comedy Night Fundraiser

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Are you a member of a non-profit or are you a school board member looking for unique fundraiser ideas?  Do you belong to a church seeking fundraising event ideas? When you hire comedians, you’ll follow in the footsteps of hundreds of organizations that have successfully raised revenue for their purpose.

It can be difficult to come up with creative fundraising ideas that are unique, fun and most of all – successful. Fortunately, a professional comedy night is an easy fundraising idea that’s proven to be fun and profitable.

Hosting a comedy night is a good fundraising idea for:

  • Gala fundraising
  • School fundraising
  • Non profit fundraising

How will hosting a comedy night contribute revenue to my cause?

The unique draw of comedy nights will bring out crowds eager to contribute to your cause for a night full of laugh-out-loud entertainment.
A Comedy Night Fundraiser brings sources of revenue from:

  • Ticket Sales
    Charge a ticket price that is high enough to earn the profits that you need but low enough that people will purchase.
  • Beverage Sales
    You can easily sell cans of soda pop, juice, or other forms of refreshment for a modest (but profitable) price.
  • Food Sales
    Having food readily available for purchase is another avenue to raise money besides ticket and beverage sales. Depending on your level of involvement, you could serve simple nacho chips with dip, hand-crafted turkey sandwiches, or fresh from the oven pizza.

You can also package all three of these offerings into a one-time payment and adjust that price accordingly.

Create an incentive by making it cheaper for folks to buy the ‘admission, food and drink package’ then if they were to purchase all three individually.

But isn’t comedy inappropriate for church or school audiences?

No! In fact, there are plenty of talented comedians for hire who perform squeaky-clean material that’s completely appropriate for your church or school audience.

We work with plenty of Christian comedians that will attract a lot of folks to your church fundraiser. We also work with a number of high-quality clean comedians that can perform clean material that isn’t geared towards church audiences.

Want to add Variety?

Your entertainment options aren’t only limited to hiring comedians. If you’re searching for variety acts for your fundraiser, Funny Business can provide you with a professional magician, ventriloquist, hypnotist or mentalist.

The point being — we’re eager to brainstorm ideas with you to make your fundraiser a huge success!

Interested in using the draw of comedy to make your fundraiser successful?

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