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Alakazoom - Virtual Magic for Online Meetings

Virtual Meeting Magic

Magic for your Online Meeting

Virtual Meeting Entertainment That is Interactive and Engaging

It’s The Perfect Time to hire Virtual Entertainment

Meetings, conferences, webinars – any digital event will be enhanced with virtual entertainment. Virtual entertainment is an exciting new trend that is taking video conferencing to the next level. 

Zoom conference + a little magic = Alakazoom! 

“Alakazoom” is the virtual version of Digital Deception, our tech-savvy, two-man magic and mentalism act.

No stage? No problem! 

Magicians Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes have built an entire repertoire of magic and illusions that engages your participants right through their own phone or computer. This isn’t new for these guys — after all, “Digital” is in their name! 

A fusion of energy, magic and technology creates a virtual experience your guests will be thrilled to experience.

A number of unique magic effects create a shared experience for your group in a virtual environment. From a New York studio, you get professionally-produced, interactive moments at your online meeting.

Bring the magic right to the palm of the participants’ hands, on their own cell phones.

Let us tell you how we can make your virtual meeting stand out, and show you some past examples of how we’ve transformed virtual meetings!

Check out this video to learn more: https://youtu.be/nXSX6v5QlWM 

You can also read more here : https://funny-business.com/entertainer/digital-deception.

Call us to set up your entertainer for your next virtual meeting or teleconference.


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