Book Vinny DePonto

Part conjuror, part mind-reader, New York magician Vinny DePonto will dazzle you with his award winning sleight of hand featured from the Las Vegas stage to some of the most exclusive venues in New York City.

Whether it’s entertaining your guests at your wedding cocktail hour or impressing your clients at a corporate soiree, his dashing intrigue and delightful deceptions are the perfect way to add unforgettable memories to your next event. Ladies and gents, you sure are in for a show tonight.

Now you see him…

As a young boy Vinny’s father took a wrinkled silk pocket square out of a dusty old shoebox, rolled his sleeves up and tucked it down into his closed fist and in the blink of an eye, the silk vanished! That’s all it took. A simple conjuror’s trick convinced Vinny that a life of legerdemain was where he belonged. Unbeknownst to Vinny the shoebox of magic, which he was now obsessed with, was his late grandfathers, who learned sleight of hand to entertain his comrades during the war. He was delighted to learn that conjuring was in his blood.

Today, Vinny travels across the world and performs for such companies as IBM, PepsiCo and The Gap. As a performer, writer, and inventor of magic Vinny’s original work has appeared in multiple publications, including Magic Magazine, the industry’s leading publication. In 2006 Vinny was declared a winner in the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, as well as being honored with the prestigious Lance Burton Award of Excellence. When he’s not summoning demons Vinny, a New York native, has also been a featured actor and consultant in several off broadway productions and cabarets.

The calls him “the hip, handsome conjuror.” 914 Inc. Magazine recently named him one of “Westchester’s mover and shakers”. Many would say Vinny’s vintage style and peculiar talents paired with his magnetic social poise makes him a sensational addition to any event. From rooftop parties to elegant wedding receptions, let Vinny impress your guests and leave them with a moment they’ll never forget…Vinny loves working on new projects and talking in the third person so feel free to contact him with any questions or inquiries.