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Top Hat Side Show

Family Friendly Circus Performers

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Top Hat Side Show is always performed in a family-friendly, college-appropriate style, unless specifically requested otherwise. When the audience demographic is known in advance, we can refine the show to better suit their exact preferences. Many of the same acts are used, but the presentations vary from group to group. Here are some examples:

Top Hat School Show

When performing for students (elementary through high school) we can add an educational component to the show. While demonstrating a variety of unique acts, we draw attention to the physics, psychology, and mathematics involved in the acts, as well as providing a history of the rich circus and sideshow culture around the world. This is a very popular choice for school assemblies, since the show is equally fun, inspiring, and educational for students of all ages.

Top Hat Cirque Show

By removing the sideshow element and adding aerials and acrobatics, the Top Hat Side Show becomes a colorful journey into modern circus arts. Stunning silks and other aerial acts are available indoors and even outside with the use of our stand-alone aerial rig.

Top Hat Adult Show

Clients looking for a more risqué show may consider this option. In addition to the comedy in the show turning towards the adult side, a burlesque dancer can be added to the show, which adds the desired spice without losing the elegance and class of the production.

Top Hat Horror Show

Great for “dark carnival” or Halloween events, the Horror version of the Top Hat Side Show features a horrifying “Nightmare Clown” illusionist, performing grotesque illusions and otherwise disturbing the audience. The sideshow acts are also intensified, creating a gut-wrenching yet still awe-inspiring spectacle.


  • University of Michigan - Michigan State University 
  • Saginaw Valley State University - Oakland University 
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