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Tom Pesce

Corporate Magician

Tom Pesce is a corporate magician and one of the most sought after corporate and motivational entertainers! Combining his unique brand of fast-paced, high-octane magic with his genuine ability to connect deeply with any audience, Tom has created a visual performance and speaking style that will leave your clients and guests talking about him for years to come. More importantly, he will transform your event into a one-of-a-kind magical spectacle that is tailored exactly to your needs!

“Tom’s engagement & rapport with the audience is spell-binding. What he does on stage is both hysterical and indescribable.”

From his highly interactive stage programs to his famous close-up miracles taking place right in the hands of your spectators, Tom’s live shows and keynote speaking events are unlike any you’veTom Pesce - Corporate Magician Poser - Funny Business Agency ever seen. Whether he’s entertaining an audience on stage, dazzling guests at a dinner event, or hosting a convention for thousands, Tom Pesce always creates an experience that is totally unique and absolutely unforgettable. Utilizing technology, music, humor, psychology, choreography, and pure sleight-of-hand skill, Tom will captivate your imagination with what is truly possible.

Tom has toured the country as a headliner for Princess Cruises and regularly performs for some of the most prestigious resorts, theaters, and Fortune 500 companies in the world. His clients include companies such as Duracell, Asia Bank, Fairfield County Bank, Delamar Hotel Group, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, BMW, BRAMCO Financial Resources, and more. Known for combining his unique brand of fast-paced “high-octane” magic with his genuine ability to connect deeply with any audience, Tom has created a visual performance and speaking style that will leave your clients and guests talking about him for years to come.

Tom Pesce is a highly skilled performer and emcee with over 20 years of corporate experience. He has earned multiple graduate degrees in the fields of education and administrative leadership studies.

Tom Pesce – Corporate Magic Show

Tom’s live stage show is a multi-media spectacle that must be seen to be believed. All audience members will have a truly unique experience as Tom infuses each performance with the very best of his mind-reading miracles, sleight-of-hand magic, and high-impact audience involvement.
All of Tom’s magic focuses on elevating your organization and its mission statement. Each show strives to make your attendees feel great about themselves while they are immersed in some of the most mind-blowing magic they will ever see! Be prepared to hear plenty of gasps, laughs and all-out screams – even after the show has ended!
Tom’s stage performances are designed to engage audiences between 20 to 3,500 people and typically run 30-45-60 minutes long.

Professional Event Host

A seemingly small addition – hiring a professional host – can make a huge difference in the outcome of your event and the experience and engagement of your audience.
If you’ve ever attended a conference or awards event, you probably already know that when something can go wrong, it will! The best way to gain true control of your event is by choosing Tom for your Master of Ceremonies. With his extensive experience, material, and poise to deal effectively with any situation that may arise, you can rest assured that he will keep your event moving smoothly and professionally.

Whether opening the general session – introducing executives – staging audience participation segments – moderating leadership discussions – or delivering segues that underscore the objectives of the session, Tom ignites audiences in an authentic and powerful way, resulting in more qualified sales leads and enhanced event outcomes.

Close Up Magic

Give your guests a close-up experience they will be talking about for years to come! Tom’s strolling magic is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Elegance, class, and cutting-edge magic will greet your guests as they mingle in amazement. Spectators’ items will vanish, reappear, go up in smoke, and levitate before their eyes. Tom keeps every routine quick, powerful, and extremely visual. From out-of-this-world mentalism effects, to sleight-of-hand miracles… This is close-up magic the way you hoped it would be.

Tom works each event to be as prominent or as subtle as you like. Every guest is able to be part of the magic in some way, and he even offers a grand finale routine that brings the entire room together for an incredible jaw-dropping illusion! Strolling magic can always be paired perfectly with one of Tom’s stage shows or keynote presentations. In this way, he is able to establish a strong rapport with your attendees before the show and put everyone at ease.

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