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Robert Strong

Captivating and Clever!

Robert Strong – Magician

Robert Strong, the San Francisco Magician, has twice been voted San Francisco’s ‘Best Comedian’ and three times voted San Francisco’s ‘Best Magician’. He has performed in over 40 countries, in all 50 states, on every major TV network, and twice at the White House. He will make your event so much fun that your guests will be talking about it for years!

With more than thirty years of experience entertaining, producing, and consulting for corporate events, you will benefit from his attention to detail, his extensive network of event professionals, his insight and intuition that can only be learned from doing more than ten thousand shows, his incredible ability to adapt at a moment’s notice, his keen sense of timing, and most importantly, his ability to work a crowd. If you want a true professional in every sense of the word, a seasoned performer, someone who was born to entertain, someone who can see issues long before they occur, someone who is easy to work with, and someone who has been called the “nicest entertainer on the planet”, you want to work with Robert Strong.

Robert Strong Live Magic Shows:

Corporate Shows

Robert Strong’s specialty is corporate events. The humor is corporate clean and he customizes each show to integrate your theme and messaging. Whether it is to get your team laughing or for your prospective customer, Robert Strong makes your event memorable.

Team Building Workshops

Robert Strong offers team building workshops for improving communications, relationships, presentations, public speaking, and as an ice-breaker. Your attendees will be both laughing and learning while learning the skills to have a more positive work environment.

Host & Master of Ceremonies

With over 35 years of experience in events, Robert Strong will make your event run smoothly. He is the consummate professional, always prepared, quick on his feet, and easy to work with. He has tons of experience performing for audiences of all ages, races, cultures, religions, etc.


Make your CEO magically appear! Or, disappear if you insist… — Want to open or close your event with a BANG? Want to surprise your audience and make your VIP appear out of thin air, saw them in half, or levitate them? With only 30 minutes of rehearsal, your special guest will be the star of the show.

Trade Show Presenter

Robert Strong knows trade shows. He is at 20+ conventions/conferences a year for the past 15 years. He is an expert at attracting attendees to your booth, communicating your sales message, qualifying & capturing the, and introducing them to your sales team.


Are you a non-profit? Let Robert Strong know and if he is available, he would be happy to discount his fee for your organization. He can even be your auctioneer and help you raise money. People spend more money when they are happy and making people happy is Robert Strong’s specialty.

Robert Strong Virtual Magic Show

Robert Strong is putting his degree in TV & Film to great use. In early March of 2020, he built a home production studio so that he can dazzle and entertain people all over the world from where he lives in Palo Alto, CA. He is using 4k cameras, professional grade lights and microphones, and has a fast broadband internet connection.

He can entertain your guests on Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and more. He can even produce a full variety show with some of the world’s greatest performers.

Robert’s virtual magic show is designed from the ground-up for the virtual world. It is highly interactive, so each show is unique. Since the magic is jaw-dropping amazing, he also wanted the production quality to be equally stunning.

So, keep Robert in mind if you have a virtual event that you want to be both amazing and memorable. Robert can provide:

  • Virtual Magic Shows
  • Virtual Team Building Games & Activities
  • Virtual MC/Host for Meetings, Conferences, and Events
  • Lead Virtual Panel Discussions
  • Produce Video Content
  • Ship Custom Printed Gifts & Wine To Complement Your Virtual Events
  • Live Stream a Variety Show with Award-Winning Talent from All Over the World

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