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Hire the Best Trade Show Product Demonstrator

Hire Trade Show Product Demonstrator to avoid these common trade show problems!

• Finding demonstrators for machine demos who aren’t actor types.
• Finding machine demonstrators in general
• Finding speakers who don’t use ear an prompter and who can memorize.

Then Tim Bucheit is your answer:

• He gives your product a voice on exhibit day.
• He makes announcements before demos which begin to attract the crowd.
• He hosts genuine, hourly product demos that EDUCATE your customers.
• He uses your script or he writes his own.
• He MEMORIZES the scripts so his presentations are natural. He often hears that ear prompter presenters appear to robotic because they are listening to themselves, hence taking the believable and genuine factor out.
• In-booth demos allow for sales people to have consistent traffic for further discussions

Your in-booth demo needs to start with a genuine product spokesman. Trade Show Presenter – Tim Bucheit – appears at a variety of industrial and manufacturing trade shows throughout the country. Companies who hire him say: “He sounds like the guy who built our machine.” Tim will demo your product or service in front of your potential customers on exhibit day in or outside your trade show booth

The Features and Benefits of a Trade Show Presenter

• Attract, engage and educate both visitors EVERY HOUR with in-booth demos.
• You create an upbeat, educational environment in your exhibit.
• Hourly demos allow for a high traffic and will keep your sales staff busy interacting and answering further questions.
• Your product becomes the show. All of the features and benefits SHINE on exhibit day.
• Your product demonstrations become memorable days after the show.
• Tim’s demo of your product can be filmed for 24/7 email campaigns. Your sales staff can attach Tim’s demo to all future correspondence. It’s like having a trade show all year round.


  • Trade Shows Nationwide 
  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Technology Trade Shows 
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