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Paul Wilson – Virtual Magician

Hire Paul Wilson expert card magician for your next virtual meeting. When casinos suspect they have a con-artist at the poker table, they turn to one man for help… Paul Wilson.  Star of the BBC hit show, The Real Hustle, History Channel’s Scammed, and Court TV’s The Takedown, Paul’s expertise in fraudulent gambling methods is frequently tapped by agencies such as the FBI as well as movies and TV shows including ShadeSmoking’ AcesHustle, and Now You See Me.

Now you can see Paul in this live demonstration where he will deal from the bottom, switch decks, mark cards, switch in loaded dice, and share the psychology behind how anyone might get suckered. In this unique, interactive presentation, Paul will reveal top-secret techniques used by today’s card cheating pros and answer your questions, proving that anyone who thinks they can’t be taken… is the perfect target.


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