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PaintJam Speed Painter

America's Favorite Speed Painter!

PaintJam Speed Painter is the best in the business for corporate events both live-in person and virtual events.

There’s a reason Jimmy Fallon, Sir Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres and the NFL love PaintJam! It’s an incredible show and spectacular art all rolled into one. PaintJam Speed Painter has been captivating audiences for over 10 years. The dynamic and rousing performance fuses art and entertainment for an unforgettable experience

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PaintJam Speed Painter for Corporate Events

With over a decade of experience in the speed painting biz, Dan and his team have perfected their process to ensure every show is as smooth as he is. From set-up to take-down to schmoozing with the guests, Team PaintJam has it covered. They’ll even take care of packing and shipping the paintings after the show!

Dan’s performance is the best in the speed-painter world. He uses the largest canvas, the best music and he never stops moving! He keeps the audience guessing as he spins the canvas 360 degrees, painting with his hands, his brushes and boundless energy!

Custom Speed Painting

Want a custom portrait or branded image? Dan’s your man! With a background in advertising and graphic arts, he understands marketing and loves a challenge! Check out his portfolio to see his branded work for WalMart, Pepsi and more.

Virtual Speed Painter

Need entertainment for your next digital event? Look no further! Virtual Paintjam is a family friendly and HR approved performance that never fails to impress and delight audiences of all ages.

Virtual Fundraiser Entertainment

We love fundraisers! PaintJam has raised over 2 million dollars for charities.

When you book Virtual PaintJam for your fundraiser, you get more than just world-class entertainment – you get more support for your charity. After his performance, we’ll auction off the stunning paintings Dan creates to support your cause.

Paintjam Testimonials

There’s a reason Jimmy Fallon, Sir Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres and the NFL love PaintJam! It’s an incredible show and spectacular art all rolled into one.

“This guy is amazing. Speaking of talented guys we have Dan Dunn… He might be insane. It will blow your mind, the guy is fantastic.”   –Jimmy Fallon

“What a pleasure it was to have you as part of our annual convention in New Orleans! Your presentation got everyone jazzed up for the conference and was a wonderful way to begin a very exciting conference! Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we were honored to have you…” -Deborah Reeve Executive Director National Art Education Association

“I’ve never seen a performance quite like yours before. Your energy was a perfect match for the mood of the evening and I loved how you surprised us all. I had no idea what to expect…Together we raised more than $2 million dollars in donations…”  Sir Richard Branson

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  • Jimmy Fallon, Superbowl XLIV 
  • National Art Education Association 
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