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Cirque du Papier

Origami Artist Master

Are you considering hiring an origami artist for your event? Are your guests experiencing the “Been There Done That Syndrome” after being exposed to repeated balloon art or magic tricks, or after getting routine caricatures? Do you want something new, unique and refreshing for your event? Then breaking the monotony with origami could be the way to go!

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Origami Artist


One Square of Paper – Magical Possibilities!

Looking for a unique and unforgettable experience at your party or event? Look no further than Michael Roy, Interactive Origami Artist & Entertainer! Michael’s exquisite 3D origami artistry will amaze your guests and provide a truly one-of-a-kind party favor. With over 125 designs to choose from including everyone’s favorite animals, flowers, and more, Michael Roy has something for everyone.

Michael’s Cirque du Papier has entertained audiences around the world from the Kentucky Derby to MGM Resorts International, and now it can be the star of your next event! Trust us, your guests will be talking about Michael Roy’s incredible origami creations for years to come. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – book Michael Roy today!

Corporate Events

Origami for Corporate Events

Cirque Du Papier is a one of a kind entertainment option that is guaranteed to leave your event guests mesmerized. With the mind-bending paper-folding techniques demonstrated by Folder Fantastique, Michael Roy Baldridge, a whole new world of entertainment opens up to those in attendance. It’s almost like watching a square piece of paper come to life in front of your very eyes, featuring an array of creatures and caricatures that will blow your mind.

Every stage of the process is incredibly captivating, and MicRo Gallery showcases in intricate designs that couldn’t be more fascinating. While guests stand in awe at the complexity of it all, Michael Roy works the crowd, keeping everyone laughing with witty repartee and fascinating facts about the art of paper-folding.

Not only does Michael Roy perform fantastic tricks, but he also encourages guests to participate in carnival games, puzzles, and riddles, with the chance to win one of his very intricate and stunning designs. This makes for an exceptional event experience in which every guest will be involved and hands-on.

With Cirque du Papier, Folder Fantastique, Michael Roy, your event will have an extra special and fun addition, making it unforgettable for everyone in attendance, from high-end events to cozy gatherings.


Cirque du Papier Origami Artis Testimonials

Michael performed for my crowd of 200+ top executives [in San Francisco] and he was the hit of the event!<span class="su-quote-cite">JPMorgan Chase Investment Bankers Conference</span>
Michael, Just wanted to drop a quick note and say THANK YOU for being a part of Derby 142. We enjoyed having you and I think your services added a unique experience for our guests. I hope you enjoyed your time at Churchill and if there is anything I can do for you going forward please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks<span class="su-quote-cite">Jared Ellis, Event Manager, Churchill Downs</span>
We want to THANK YOU! I received SO many comments on your entertaining and your talents! You WOW’d the group!<span class="su-quote-cite">Sterilite of Ohio, LLC Akron, Ohio</span>


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Origami Designs

Cirque du Papier - Origami Artist - Funny Business Agency Cirque du Papier - Origami Artist - Funny Business Agency

Cirque du Papier - Origami Artist - Funny Business Agency Cirque du Papier - Origami Artist - Funny Business Agency Cirque du Papier - Origami Artist - Funny Business Agency

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