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Corporate Comedian Mike Armstrong performing.
Bob & Tom Comedian Mike Armstrong
Mike Armstrong at Belushi's Comedy Club
Corporate Comedian Mike Armstrong

Mike Armstrong

Cop Comedian

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Hire Mike Armstrong for your next corporate event or holiday party! Mike Armstrong was raised by loving parents in the conservative mid-west in a small town near Louisville, Kentucky. Mike Armstrong enjoyed a fairly normal childhood – so what went wrong?

He’s an ex-cop – the kind of cop that most people hope for when they get pulled over. “I’d stop cars and warn the speeding drivers about the speed traps up ahead.”

“I think that when I quit the police department three other cops lost their jobs. They simply didn’t need that many internal affairs officers anymore!” “I’ve been married so long, I don’t even look both ways when I cross the street.”

Mike and his wife have a small herd of children (five). The kids are clones of their father. They’ll say and do just about anything to get attention.


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  • Dairy Queen 
  • Pizza Hut 
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