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Mervant - Magician - Mentalist - Creator


Magician - Mentalist - Writer - Creator

Mervant Vera isn’t just a magical performer, He embodies magic in all aspect of his life.

From blazing the stage as a Semi Finalist of Americas Got Talent™️. To performing shows for companies such as Disney, Meta, AirBnb, Sony, Nike, Google, Exxon and many more. His magic and lively personality have taken him across the globe.

Weather is Appearing on Local News, or the biggest stage in the world, Mervant Always delivers magic with a fresh, entertaining and inspirational perspective .
Mervant is a mixture of a Magician show and Hop Musical all rolled into one, adding a little inspiration and and you have a the perfect mixture to spread magic throughout the masses.

Magicians can do the impossible. Mervant believes that you only limitations are in your mind, using his magic and music to spread the message that “What’s possible … is up to you”.


  • NBC's America's Got Talent (AGT) 
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