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Mark Toland

Corporate & Virtual Mind Reader

Mark Toland’s is the go-to corporate & virtual mind reader for corporations worldwide. He has been named “The Top Booked Mind Reader in the US & Canada”, spoken on the TEDx Stage, and made multiple television appearances on WGN, NBC, and FOX. Mark’s client list reads like the Fortune 500, including companies such as McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Citi Bank, Disney, the US Marine Corps, Tiffany’s, and more.

Mark Toland – Corporate Mind Reader

The audience is the cast, your thoughts are the props, and your mind is his stage. It’s an unforgettable journey into the unknown, full of psychological illusions and mind blowing feats. Everything else is a mystery.

  • Mark’s interactive mind reading show is perfect for Conferences, Banquets, Conventions, and other important company events.
  • Mark can customize his show for Trade Shows, Hospitality Suites, Sales Meetings, and more.
  • Use Mark’s strolling mind reading to break the ice at Cocktail Parties, Networking Events, and Receptions.

Mark Toland – Virtual Mind Reader

  • Unique – Mark’s virtual mentalist entertainment is the go-to choice for major corporations and colleges around the world. Why? Because they are unlike anything people have seen before. Tired of the same old online webinars? The Virtual Mind Reading Show is the answer you’ve been looking for.

  • Interactive Elements – Mark will actively involve your participants in the show. He will guess what they’re thinking, predict their thoughts, and influence their actions. Let’s see Netflix do that!

  • Participation – Attendees of the virtual mentalism show are invited to “Raise Their Hands” online. Mark selects all volunteers at random . . . which means the next mind he reads might be YOURS!


“Mark Toland is Mind Blowing!” The Chicago Tribune

“Engaging, exciting, & mystifying!”  — McDonald’s  

Mark Toland did a wonderful job at our organizational hybrid event. We had over 300 people from at least 4 countries as well as 50 located at headquarters. He constructed a riveting show and engaged a range of participants so we felt like a cohesive group. It was great to hear all the laughter and see all the smiles.Norma Hair, ASTM International

“WOW! You are a GENIUS!”    – Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO                     

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  • McDonalds Pepsi Disney 
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