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Make Your Own Video

Make Your Own Video

Star in a Professionally Produced Music Video

Rent Make Your Own Video

Our friendly StarStage crew will interact with your group by professionally announcing every act and welcoming a round of applause from the audience. Each performance receives a priceless keepsake video or DVD to enjoy for years to come. In addition your group or organization receives a master video of all performances. This show is great for College, Corporate, High School, Grand Openings, expositions, Family Events, and more.

  •     16,000 + Lip sink and Karaoke Songs Dating from 50’s to Now!
  •     52 + High Resolution Video Backgrounds
  •     Gigantic Costume and Prop Department
  •     Professional Television Quality Audio/Video Equipment
  •     Microphones for Live Singing
  •     Friendly and Professional Staff
  •     Free Video of Each Act/Master Video of all acts
  •     Multicopy Shows Available
  •     “New” DVD and Audio CD Shows Available

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Make Your Own Video:
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  • Trade Shows 
  • Festivals & Colleges 
  • Corporate Holiday Parties 
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