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Jym Elders has been a corporate mentalist for over 20 years. His award-winning mentalism has been amazing corporate and college audiences from New York to Los Angeles to Calgary and everywhere in between. Having a lifelong fascination with the paranormal and all things mysterious, Jym utilizes his background in psychology, theater, and magic to create a show that is both mesmerizing and memorable.

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Corporate Mentalist

Jym Elders – Corporate Mentalist

Jym Elders at a Trade Show

Considered to be one of the more comedic mentalists working today, clients often remark of Jym that it was like having both a mentalist AND a comedian all in one! With minimal set-up, Jym’s show is equally effective for audiences ranging in size from 12 to 1,200. In this interactive mind reading spectacular, it’s the audience who become the real stars of the show.

Bring the his mental artistry to your next special event and witness how his dynamic performing style will captivate your audience, leaving them amazed, laughing, and most importantly, talking about the show long after it’s over!

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About Jym

About Jym

For centuries man has amazed his fellow beings with unbelievable feats of mind reading, thought transference, predictions of the future, and mind over matter. Psychic magic has always been a spectacle to see, and the incredible mentalism of Jym Elders delivers in a BIG way!  Jym’s performances have taken him across the country. He has won several awards, including 3rd place in “The Society of American Magicians” Convention, an International competition in New Orleans! His famous Psychic Spoon-Bending was seen on MTV’s “Fame or Shame” and his headline predictions shocked the professors at the “Annual Midwest Institute for Teachers of Psychology.”



Outstanding performance by Jym Elder. Everyone still talking the next day.. “how did he do that?” This is the second time we have had Jym do one of our events and he certainly does not disappoint.Lisa P - Eagle Alloy
Jym is a great performer! He was engaging, interesting, funny…I have all good things to say! I’m still in awe of how he does it. I would definitely recommend him.
Heather R; Schippers Construction
We had an absolutely wonderful show with Jym, very enjoyable. I received lots of positive feedback last night and today. Everyone enjoyed him staying around after the program for his Afterglow hour, it was very FUN. Jym was on time, communicated well, showed up for Sound Check, all organized and early. Everything went off without a hitch. Everyone said he was amazing and “How did he DO that!” I couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks for sharing Jym with us this year
Katie Despenas, Iowa State Association of Assessors
One word! Amazing. Jym was everything we expected and more. He was funny, insightful and incredibly entertaining. He is a first-class mentalist. We have been holding our annual gala for 10 years. Jym is arguably the best entertainment we’ve ever had.Jim L., Superior Health Foundation
Jym was great to work with, he spent time with the students before and after the show.Jason Zolghadr – DeVry Institute of Technology
Jym’s show drew the biggest crowd we ever had. We’ll definitely have him backStephanie Shanks, Trinity College
He’s the real deal. Performing the impossible time after time. He’s the best I’ve seen.Dr. Russ Watson, Dept. of Psychology, College of DuPage

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is Jym Elders?
Jym Elders is a renowned corporate mentalist known for his captivating performances.
What does a corporate mentalist do?
A corporate mentalist like Jym Elders uses psychology and mind-reading to create engaging and memorable experiences for corporate events.
Why hire Jym Elders for your event?
Hiring Jym Elders adds a unique and interactive element to your event, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
What can Jym Elders bring to my corporate event?
Jym Elders can create a sense of wonder, entertainment, and engagement, making your event more memorable and enjoyable.
How can I book Jym Elders for my event?
You can book Jym Elders for your event by contacting Funny Business Agency for more information on availability and pricing.