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Jon Stetson

America's Master Mentalist

Jon Stetson is America’s Master Mentalist. Mind Reading has never been so engaging! Jon has appeared at 100’s of Corporate, Private, and Celebrity Events. He has performed for the King of Sweden, The Prince of Wales, The Royal family of Monaco and the White House on five occasions.

Corporate Mentalist

A 5 time Whitehouse Performer and the inspiration for the CBS TV Show “The Mentalist”!

There is simply NO other audience interactive performer like Jon Stetson. Known across the globe as America’s Master Mentalist, Jon knows what you’re thinking. No, he really does! What is The Stetson Experience? A truly mind-blowing, crowd-pleasing, audience interactive mix of magic, mind reading, and amazing mystery all packaged together and delivered by an engaging and very funny comedic personality.

Known as America’s Master Mentalist, Jon blends the art of mystery with the study of psychology, the predictability of human nature and the power of intuition, with a disarming sense of humor.

Injecting uproarious comedy into each program, Jon creates a hilarious and unique presentation that never fails to blow the audience away. Packed with audience participation, imaginations are wowed, stretched and captured, as thoughts are revealed and minds are being read with Jon’s intriguing games of mind-to-mind contact.

Jon has performed for three United States Presidents, the King of Sweden and the Royal family of Monaco. He has appeared on several major television networks.

About Jon Stetson

4 US Presidents, The King of Sweden, Bob Kraft & the New England Patriots, Fortune 1000 organizations, associations and celebrity audiences have experienced Jon Stetson worldwide because NOBODY does what Jon Stetson does in quite the way that he does it. Stetson is a champion player of mind games. Jon began as a magician, but moved beyond the traditional tricks and props of magic to explore the real mysteries of the human mind. Call him a “cognitionist.” He observes people’s patterns and steps inside their heads. He amazes them with information they didn’t even know about themselves. He engages people in a psychic partnership that makes them the real stars of the show. Together, Jon and and the audience do the impossible. The result is a new, powerful, provocative, and thrilling package of entertainment unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Better still, it’s funny. Jon’s stand-up comedy covers a core of mystery in an uproarious wrapper of fun. This internationally acclaimed conjurer/comedian/cognitionist will make you laugh, make you think, make you feel like an awe-struck kid.

Don’t miss this evening of psychic mind blowing comedy! Jon Stetson knows what you’re thinking. No, he really does!

Jon Stetson Testimonials

“We can’t decide what it is you do best… What I do know for certain is that you amazed and entertained us completely and we are a tough crowd to please” – New York Life

“Jon Stetson is a dangerous man. I wish I had his skill set.”   – Warren Buffet

“Wow…you were the best I have ever seen…thank you for making our awards evening a truly unforgettable experience…the way you were able to connect with everyone in attendance was astounding…we will see you again very soon.” -CEO Honeywell

You are nothing short of great. Your style is so calm and engaging when staff or attendees interact with you one-on-one. Your style on stage is energetic, exciting, enthralling, spellbinding humor and just all around unbelievably great. Who could ask for more? A perfect fit for the meeting.” –ASAE

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  • CBS television series "The Mentalist."  
  • 100's of Corporate, Private, and Celebrity Events 
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