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I’m ideal for corporate gigs cause I’ve been told I’m very clean and smart. Granted I was told that by some weird guy at the gym who wanted to join me in the shower. But I am clean. I wouldn’t say I like to clean, but I do like to work clean. Well, you get the idea.

I’ve performed for a wide array of groups ranging from Merrill Lynch to Clear Channel to Pennsylvania State Employees. I was the guest performer at BrandWeeks “Reggies” awards banquet and a presenter at the Pollstar Awards. I also was Master of Ceremonies at the Rolling Rock Town Fair, which included the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Moby. How about them apples, Buddy?

Now I’m not gonna mention that I’ve appeared on “Sex and the City” or all three “Law & Order” series, and that in 2004 I showed up as an actor on ABC, FOX and NBC. I don’t want to brag. That’s not my style. I also don’t feel comfortable bringing up the fact I was cast member of “The Ellen Show” or I was co-lead of the critically acclaimed “Welcome to New York.” And don’t ask me to bring up the two dozen films I’ve appeared in, it’s just not my style. Sorry.

As you can see I have many looks: Dumb white guy, evil white guy, dumb evil white guy, nerdy white guy, lovable loser white guy, nerdy lovable loser white guy and hot sexy white guy. (I’m aware the last one doesn’t involve much acting.)