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Jason Hewlett, Inspirational Humorist, Master of Ceremonies & Entertainer, has appeared at over 2,000 events in the last decade as one of the country’s premiere corporate event presenters.  From performing in every hotel in Las Vegas, to headlining the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, Jason has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2003.  His message of joy, humor, and be your best authentic self is received with standing ovations from audiences worldwide.  The winner of Best of State 2010 “Specialty Act in Arts & Entertainment”, and in 2013 awarded Best of State “Individual Vocalist”, please enjoy his videos, eBook, and Podcasts.

Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Louie Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Martin, Cat Stevens, The Temptations, U2, Guns n’ Roses, Coldplay, and Alvin & The Chipmunks are just a few of the performers to take the stage during the unforgettable one-man show of Jason Hewlett, The Entertainer. Audiences Coast-to-Coast have thrilled at the creativity, hilarious impersonations, touching portrayals, and nostalgia of this one of a kind impressionist/musician/humorist and corporate entertainer.

Jason began work for “Legends In Concert” as Ricky Martin in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2001. Soon thereafter he also became Elton John for the touring show. In 2002 Jason opened the Philadelphia, PA “Legends In Concert” show as Elton John and returned later in the same show as Ricky Martin, confusing audience members throughout the Country that one performer could portray two characters that looked and sounded completely different, but also making it clear he had more than one persona he could become.

In 2002 Jason decided to close the chapter on his “Legends In Concert” experience and begin focusing on his one-man show for Corporate America. Since then Jason has maintained an unprecedented climb up the “corporate ladder” as an independent, one-man show Entertainer under the business name Jason Hewlett Entertainment.

Jason also added to his credentials “Keynote Speaker” after joining NSA (National Speaker’s Association), and sharing his experiences of dreams and goals while mixing in his favorite segments of his one-man show as a Speaker at numerous conventions.