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Harry Freedman

Customized Corporate Comedy Put-ons!

Hire Harry Freedman

Harry Freedman, “The Nation’s Misleading Expert” Lying For Laughs for over 25 years!


Harry is introduced as an industry expert and gets everyone laughing, even as they believe he’s for real. Clients rave about Harry’s customization, so the audience goes in expecting a serious presentation and comes out relaxed and glowing.

As a Corporate Put-on Comedian and emcee, Harry has performed for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and is frequently rated ‘best speaker’ at their conferences.  As a stand-up comedian, Harry is a regular opening act for Ray Romano; and as an actor, he has appeared on “Everybody Loves Raymond” (CBS) and “Men Of a Certain Age.” (TNT)


  1. Re-energize Your Attendees
  2. Bonding And Team-building
  3. Increased Productivity, Performance And Attitude
  4. Improves Trust And Customer Relations
  5. Helps Distinguish Fake Vs Real – Gives First Hand Experience Of Making Fake Content Seem Credible

Hire Corporate Put-on Comedian Harry Freedman for your next event. Harry Also Emcees Events and Hosts Panel Discussions!

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Harry Freedman Comedy Put-On:
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  • Moen Incorporated
  • Coca Cola
  • Los Alamos Nuclear Lab
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