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Don McMillan

Corporate Comedian

Don McMillan for Corporate Events

Former engineer turned corporate comedian, Don McMillan gets laughs everywhere he goes. Don’s corporate show utilizes his unique background to take a lighthearted look at business-life, technology, and everyday life – suitable for any audience. Customizing every appearance, Don works closely with each client to prepare a unique comedy show.

Performing over 500 shows for major corporations, including Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, ExxonMobil, and Genentech, organizations, nonprofits and event planners trust Don to deliver the ultimate comedy relief at what are often dry workshops, conferences or events.

Named the #1 Corporate Comedian by the CBS Business Network


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Custom Comedy or Keynote

Customizable Keynote or Comedy Show (with PowerPoint)

Don can perform after dinner, lunch, to start the day, or anywhere in between. He can break up a long day of speakers and re-invigorate your audience. Don’s show is written specifically for your audience. He works with each group and develops a unique corporate comedy show for your company, group, or event. Don’s show will entertain, motivate and invigorate your audience.

Event Host

Event Host Emcee – Don McMillan

Don can function as your event host or emcee. He can interject corporate comedy where appropriate and keep the sessions moving along. Don is excellent at reading a crowd, so he can adjust his performance to speed up a session or add comedy when the group is sagging and in need of a refreshing “comedy break”. Also, because of his technical background, he actually understands your subject matter – he’s not just reading a canned introduction like a spokes-model. And he’s got lots of experience. To the left is a clip of Don interviewing the legendary Walter Cronkite.

He meets with you well ahead of time to write custom jokes and sketches unique to your audience. Don also creates PowerPoint slides just for you. AND (the best part) you get to review his PowerPoint slides ahead of time so you get to see exactly what will be in Don’s show. T

Fake Expert

Fake Expert

Don will “pretend” to be an author and/or consultant giving a serious talk as a “Technology Futurist”, or give a session on “Improving Communication Skills”, or a motivational talk on “The 3 Keys to Leadership”, or a topic that you and he develops just for your event. Don starts out seriously and slowly gets funnier and funnier – but always with a focus on his “serious” topic. After some time, he lets the group know that he is NOT a serious speaker but, in fact, a corporate comedian and he’s there for a serious dose of laugh therapy. The left two clips show Dr. Don delivering his “serious” message.



Your style, your delivery, your ability to speak engineering language–all of this was remembered with continued laughter for months after this event! Well done! Well done!SANDY GOEBEL - HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY
The research and creativity that you put into your presentation really made a connection with the audience. The audience loved it, as was evident by their outbursts of laughter.KELLY MCCANN - LUCENT MICROELECTRONICS
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