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Don McMillan

Corporate Comedian

Don McMillan is a corporate comedian who has performed at over 500 corporate, private events in the last 15 years for major corporations around the world including: IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Genentech, and ExxonMobil. His range of clientele spans a variety of industries from Technology (Dell) to Pharmaceuticals (Novo Nordisk) to Oil & Gas (Conoco Philips) to Food (Kraft) to Trucking (Eaton) to Chemicals (Dupont) to Insurance (Liberty Mutual). Don combines his unique background (as a computer chip designer), years of engineering experience, and a mastery of PowerPoint, to develop a different customized comedy show for each client. He was aptly named the #1 corporate comedian by CBS BNET in 2010.

In addition to Don’s extensive work in television commercials and series, he also regularly makes appearances on television and has been seen on “The Tonight Show” on NBC, CNN’s “The Larry King Show,” MTV’s “Half Hour Comedy Hour,” and A&E’s “Evening at the Improv.

Named the #1 Corporate Comedian by the CBS Business Network

Custom Comedy For Your Corporate Event

Why Organizations Hire Don McMillan

Former engineer turned comedian, Don gets laughs everywhere he goes. Don’s corporate show utilizes his unique background to take a lighthearted look at business-life, technology, and everyday life  – suitable for any audience. Customizing every appearance, Don works closely with each client to prepare a unique comedy show.

If you want to put on a successful event:

  • You need a corporate comedian who’s genuinely funny and different.
  • The material needs to be personalized for your unique audience.
  • The content must be clean and professional.
  • You need a host who will turn the show into an experience.
  • The comedian must truly entertain and impress the crowd.
  • You need a corporate comedian who will break up the monotony of a technical event.

 Hire Don to be a comedian, emcee, host, fake expert

  • Customizable Keynote or Comedy Show
  • Event Host or Emcee
  • Comedy Development & Consulting Services
  • Doses of Don Spread Throughout Event
  • Fake Expert
  • Custom Comedy Videos

About Don

Don McMillan graduated from Stanford University with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1982. (He has a BSEE from Lehigh University) He went to work for AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked as part of the team that designed the world’s first 32-bit Microprocessor. He then moved to the Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) where he worked at VLSI Technology as a computer chip designer. During his 6 years at VLSI he designed more than 25 Standard and ASIC Designs some of which are still in systems today

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