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Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricature Artists

Hire Digital Caricatures if you are looking for a big “wow” factor and want to give your guests something most of them haven’t seen before! Digital caricatures always get a great reaction and it will be a novelty your guests will talk about for a long time or a great way to attract an audience at tradeshows.

Digital Caricatures

Digital Caricatures are live, digital caricatures drawn on computer. Using an iPad, tablet or other digital system, they are an exciting alternative to traditional caricatures. Each artist includes a color printer so your guests can take away an actual color print of their caricature along with your logo or product included in the drawing. We  can also include a large display screen so your guests can watch each drawing take shape in front of their eyes.

Guests and attendees enjoy seeing each caricatures take shape on a large display nearby. Your guests and attendees receive a print of their digital caricature. They can be emailed to you or your guests or posted on a server during or after the event. Easily post the caricatures on the web for viewing and retrieval.

Trade Show and Event Planners

Trade Show guests and attendees can now enjoy seeing each caricature take shape on a large monitor nearby as the artist sketches onto their own tablet.  Your guests and attendees will be blown-away on how far the simple caricature artist has come over the years.

Each guest receives a color print of their digital caricature and can be emailed to you or your guests or posted on a server during or after the event.  Fun at the event-continual advertising after! Attendees are drawn to your booth for free caricatures & learn more about your services.   You can email the caricature with your follow up. Generate new leads! Branded Caricatures continue to sell for you long after the show ends. Customized paper options to reflect your company or product. Delivers a professional entertaining experience.

Virtual Digital Caricatures

Now you can bring virtual digital caricatures to your remote events. It is perfect for team building, company “happy hours”, meetings and parties.

Hire a Digital Caricatures

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  • -BMW -Home Depot -Century 21 
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