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David Crowe

Clean Comedian

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Crowe is a brilliant combination of socially relevant, issue-fired intellectualism and physical buffoonery. He takes on topical subjects, historical events and personal experiences using an outrageous animation. The result is a totally original style of brain boning jocularity.

This year he reached the height of heights in comedy with the debut of his very own One Hour Comedy Special on SHOWTIME along with the nationwide release of the accompanying DVD “Crooked Finger” at Blockbuster, Best Buy, Amazon.com and all other major retail outlets.

The special aired 14 times in December 2008 and received “Pick of the Night” by T.V. Guide Magazine for it’s debut. He has also appeared numerous times on Comedy Central, CBS, ABC, NBC, and is a past winner of both the San Francisco and Seattle International Comedy Competitions.

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  • Showtime One Hour Special 
  • The Bob and Tom Show 
  • Comedy Central 
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