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Dave Dugan

Clean Comedian

Dave Dugan, clean comedian has a one-of-a-kind delivery accompanied by impeccable timing and imaginative comedy angles has led DAVE DUGAN down the path to NATIONAL TV APPEARANCES and to RAVE REVIEWS from corporate event planners.

“Dave made me look good” is a common testimonial heard from planners who have trusted this highly-sought after comedian to engage their audiences, “and he is so easy to work with!”

Dave’s new comedy special ” HUMAN CANNONBALL ” is now featured on Dry Bar Comedy—the very popular comedy streaming site for CLEAN comedians!

Also, seen on HBO, COMEDY CENTRAL, FOX, a Regular on the nationally syndicated BOB AND TOM SHOW (with over 250 appearances), an award-winning voiceover talent (Disney, Ford, Jimmy Johns, Suzuki) and world record holder for number of laps around a roundabout!?

Raised in Carmel, Indiana, Jim and Martha Dugan’s boy- Dave- was seemingly born to be a comedian. A one-of-a-kind delivery accompanied by impeccable timing and imaginative comedy angles has led DAVE DUGAN down the path to NATIONAL TV APPEARANCES and to RAVE REVIEWS from corporate event planners.

TV appearances beyond numerous Comedy Central specials?  Back when he shaved every two weeks whether he needed it or not, a young Dave headed to Los Angeles from Indiana and within a few months got his first break from the legendary DICK CLARK. Clark included the new Californian on one of his many nighttime music-driven shows on ABC. That led to multiple appearances on the then ratings-leading ARSENIO HALL SHOW and Dave instantly became a favorite at the World Famous COMEDY STORE IN HOLLYWOOD, a regular writer and contributor on the most popular morning radio show in the country (BOB AND TOM) and can be heard regularly on SIRIUS RADIO. Headlining at theaters and clubs all over the country, Dugan has made a lasting impression with his one-of-a-kind dry, everyman style.

It’s the same natural style that led him to comedy in the first place. Although to hear Dave tell it, he had nowhere else to turn. “Born into a family of homebuilders, I quickly found that being handy is not necessarily hereditary.”  One summer he worked on construction jobs for his Dad and quickly found he was allergic to …. hard labor. “In some ways, I think I entered the world of comedy by default.”

One more fun fact, Dave recently set a WORLD RECORD for number of laps driven around a roundabout (717 laps!) …Appropriately set on Groundhog’s Day—the quest helped raise thousands for cancer programs and services. At their annual fundraiser, the charitable organization presented Dave with an award to acknowledge his world record for charity. Dugan claims, ‘‘it is the only award I have ever won, unless you count Honorable Mention for my 5th Grade science fair project—-The Digestive System.”



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