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Christopher Carter

Christopher Carter

Corporate Mentalist Mindreader


Christopher Carter is a corporate mentalist & mindreader, motivational speaker, and magician – as your featured entertainment, your audience will be raving about the event for months.

Christopher Carter for Corporate Events

For more than 25 years, Christopher Carter has helped businesses create powerful connections with presentations for sales meetings, customer appreciation events, product launches, trade shows, and more. Christopher is far more entertaining than your typical high-content speaker and provides far more valuable content than your typical entertaining speaker.

  • As a speaker, Christopher delivers hard-hitting content with energy and humor. Drawing upon his expertise in communication and body language, he speaks on sales, customer service, teamwork, and developing a customer-focused mindset.
  • As mindreader, or “mentalist,” Christopher electrifies the audience from the stage with stunning and hilarious demonstrations of thought reading and mental influence.

When you feature Christopher Carter, your audience will be inspired, entertained, and informed – and they’ll be raving about the event for months to come.

After Dinner Show | Corporate Mindreader

entertainment-mindreaderWelcome to the world of Christopher Carter, where he takes his audience – not just as observers, but as active participants – on an interior journey that explores the mysteries of the mind. At each event, Christopher demonstrates why he calls the human mind “the last great frontier.”

Christopher can’t see a thing – you made sure of that when you and other audience members placed coins over his eyes and wrapped them in duct tape — yet he tells you exactly what’s in your pockets without missing a single detail.

You feel the audience’s sense of empowerment when Christopher causes a light bulb you purchased to illuminate in your own hands.

After you’ve guarded a sealed envelope for weeks, you’re finally asked to open it — revealing his accurate description of the clothing a randomly selected audience member is wearing today.

For 30 years, Christopher Carter has been providing corporate entertainment that has thrilled businesses in every corner of the nation. Each presentation is customized to the specific needs of the event and client — as commissioned by some of the nation’s top corporate groups, including Sprint PCS, Harley-Davidson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Phillips Electric, The Million Dollar Round Table, John Deere, Exxon Mobile, and Wells Fargo.

Corporate Master of Ceremonies


Though he makes it seem effortless, make no mistake: there’s an art to being a true Master of Ceremonies. An accomplished M.C. crafts an event, shapes it, and energizes it with star quality. As a veteran presenter of corporate entertainment who has engaged audiences around the globe — from college campuses to Fortune 100 companies — Christopher Carter is an expert at playing this pivotal role.

Christopher will transform your event into a unified, powerful, memorable corporate entertainment production by:

  • Structuring your program for maximum impact
  • Introducing your executives and speakers with style
  • Adjusting the pace to keep everything flowing
  • Covering lags and smoothing over technical difficulties

Since he’s also an award-winning corporate magician and mindreader, Christopher Carter is uniquely skilled at injecting your program with humor. He can even add confounding demonstrations of ESP that will leave your audience laughing and shaking their heads with amazement.

Best of all, Christopher’s focus on service, attention to detail, and simple, direct contact guarantee you the least amount of stress with the greatest rewards. Christopher will not simply meet your expectations – he will shatter them.


“Chris, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a simply amazing presentation to our conference attendees. You have a unique ability to blend the fascinating with the concept of maximizing our inner strengths and then to tie them all together with fun and flare.

Over the years I have had the unfortunate task of attending a number of presentations that lack style, substance, message and any sense of entertainment. Your approach and methods captured every person from ownership to managers and tied them together with human commonality that we cannot evade.

We look forward to our next encounter and thank you for the obvious amount of attention to detail that you put forth for every client.”
Bill Gray, Vice President of Human Resources, Prestige Healthcare

Hire Christopher Carter for your next event.

Call or email Funny Business Agency for more information or to hire Christopher Carter as a corporate mentalist or speaker for your next event.

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  • Motorola - Harley Davidson Motor Company - Bristol Myers 
  • McDonald's Corporation - Radio Shack - Coldwell Banker - Toro Corporation 
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