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Christopher Carter

Corporate Mentalist Mind Reader

Corporate mentalist Christopher Carter,  is also a motivational speaker, emcee and magician. As your featured entertainment, your audience will be raving about the event for months. His unique mix of mentalism, comedy, and magic will captivate your guests and open their minds to a new level of entertainment.

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Corporate Events


For 30 years, corporate mentalist Christopher Carter has been providing corporate entertainment that has thrilled businesses in every corner of the nation. Each presentation is customized to the specific needs of the event and client — as commissioned by some of the nation’s top corporate groups, including Sprint PCS, Harley-Davidson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Phillips Electric, The Million Dollar Round Table, John Deere, Exxon Mobile, and Wells Fargo.

  • As a speaker, Christopher delivers hard-hitting content with energy and humor. Drawing upon his expertise in communication and body language, he speaks on sales, customer service, teamwork, and developing a customer-focused mindset.
  • As mind reader, or “mentalist,” Christopher electrifies the audience from the stage with stunning and hilarious demonstrations of thought reading and mental influence.

When you feature Christopher Carter, your audience will be inspired, entertained, and informed – and they’ll be raving about the event for months to come.

Keynote Speaker

Christopher Carter Keynote Speaker


It’s just after lunch. You’ve got four speakers to present, each with important (but dry and technical) information to deliver. You can see your attendees’ eyes starting to glaze over. But that’s about to change!

Christopher Carter is much more than a body language expert. From the moment he steps onto the platform, he is in control. He’s dynamic. He’s funny. And when he stresses the importance of “reading between the lines” of human behavior to build relationships, establish trust and credibility, and truly listen to the customer, he offers more than just words. He illustrates his points with some of the most engaging and mind-boggling demonstrations of body language reading that your audience will ever see.

What makes Christopher so effective as a keynote speaker is his:

  • unique blend of message with entertainment
  • flexibility to work with you and ensure his content supports your meeting’s themes
  • 30 years of professional entertainment experience to make sure your audience takes your message home with them

Long after they’ve forgotten the morning’s PowerPoint presentations, they’ll still be talking about your keynote speaker: body language expert Christopher Carter. Let him show your sales and customer service professionals how to harness the power of body language to achieve astonishing results.

Choose from these top-requested Keynotes

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Standing Ovation Customer Service

For centuries performers and entertainers of all kinds have been transforming indifferent individuals into audiences of cheering, applauding fans. Isn’t this exactly what you need to do with your customers? In this program, Christopher Carter draws upon his background as a professional illusionist, as well as his background in theater, to help you transform the customer experience.

The Credibility Advantage: Using Body Language to Sell Your Product, Your Service, And Yourself

Everybody is in sales. No matter what your job title or position, you’re always selling yourself! In this program, Christopher shows how identify when your prospect is willing to buy, and how to communicate so that they’re always buying YOU.

Credibility On Camera

Video conferencing has transformed the workplace. But how do we connect and engage beyond the digital divide? In this program, Christopher teaches the communication and presentation skills that are essential to projecting leadership and executive presence through the medium of video.

Achieving The Impossible

As individuals we can create amazing results. Together, we can achieve the impossible! The greatest obstacles we face are often those we create in our own mind. In this keynote, Christopher teaches how to recognize and overcome those self-limiting beliefs.

Power Listening

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you DON’T say, that counts. In Power Listening, Christopher teaches body language and nonverbal communication, and shows how to ‘listen between the lines’ to determine not only what people say, but also what they really want. Then he shows how to use those same techniques to instantly build trust and credibility with customers and colleagues.


Choose from a variety of interactive, corporate entertainment options.

When you work with Christopher Carter, you get world-class corporate entertainment tailored to your needs. Pick one program or a combination of options — including speaking. And make your next event a resounding success.

After Dinner Show | Corporate Mindreader

entertainment-mindreaderWelcome to the world of Christopher Carter, where he takes his audience – not just as observers, but as active participants – on an interior journey that explores the mysteries of the mind. At each event, Christopher demonstrates why he calls the human mind “the last great frontier.”

Christopher can’t see a thing – you made sure of that when you and other audience members placed coins over his eyes and wrapped them in duct tape — yet he tells you exactly what’s in your pockets without missing a single detail.

Corporate Master of Ceremonies


Though he makes it seem effortless, make no mistake: there’s an art to being a true Master of Ceremonies. An accomplished M.C. crafts an event, shapes it, and energizes it with star quality. As a veteran presenter of corporate entertainment who has engaged audiences around the globe — from college campuses to Fortune 100 companies — Christopher Carter is an expert at playing this pivotal role.

Christopher will transform your event into a unified, powerful, memorable corporate entertainment production by:

Since he’s also an award-winning corporate magician and mindreader, Christopher Carter is uniquely skilled at injecting your program with humor. He can even add confounding demonstrations of ESP that will leave your audience laughing and shaking their heads with amazement.

Christopher Carter’s Virtual Mind Games: Mind Reading and Magic


Make your people feel connected by treating them and their families to an interactive, online show of mind-reading and magic.

Organizations and corporations throughout the country are struggling to make their people feel connected, engaged, and appreciated. Corporate mentalist and illusionist Christopher Carter has the solution.

Treat your team to a customized, interactive show live-streamed to them via Zoom. They and their families can watch AND participate via their laptops, pc’s, or tablets. It’s the perfect way to build employee and membership morale regardless of how far apart they might be.

The key word is PARTICIPATE.


Christopher Carter Testimonials

Christopher Carter came back for round 2 and I already want to book him for round 3. He is truly mind blowing and entertaining. 10/10 recommend!Thurmond
You made the experience unforgettable!Wm Wrigley Jr. Company
Thank you for a very interesting and extremely entertaining show at our annual holiday party. Those attending were not only impressed, but genuinely amazed by your performance. I continue to receive numerous complements from my co-workers for selecting you as our entertainment.James R. Bieschke, U.S. Department of Energy
Our managers are still raving about your performance two years ago. Christopher, you were even more astounding the second time around.Culligan
Your talent and willingness to customize your show were fantastic. We are still talking about your performance.Phillip Electric
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