Hire or Book Bobby Hunt

Bobby Hunt, better known as “Circus Boy,” is an entertaining treat to audiences of all ages. With finesse and good-natured wit, Bobby skillfully weaves varied activities such as fire-eating, mouth juggling and audience participation into a delightful performance that brings the finest of the variety tradition to a contemporary setting for today’s audience.

His array of talents, which include unicycle riding and balancing on a ladder (without the help of a second side for support), combined with his humor make him a likeable, enjoyable performer for virtually any setting. Bobby has appeared on TNT, CBS, PBS and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

He has also opened for such acts as the Beach Boys, Weird Al Yankovic and Billy Ray Cyrus. Additionally, he has performed at Disneyland , at more than 300 colleges and at corporate events, festivals and numerous other venues around the world.