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Bob Arno

America’s Funniest Con Man

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Tens of millions of hits on YouTube proves the popularity of Bob Arno. He’s a global draw across all ages.

Comedy first. His interactive audience participation show is bounced off audience members. No two performances are alike—but all reflect the composite personality of the attendees. Bob Arno makes them laugh.

He’s so different. Not a stand-up comedian or a magician who pops out of boxes. You’ve never seen this before. While there are a handful of magicians-who-pickpocket in the world, none has taken the theme to the extent Bob Arno has. Bob offers a full hour of innovative, educational, fascinating, and funny pickpocket entertainment—free of fluff and padding.

There’s amazement, too. While Bob is definitely weighted toward the comedy vein, the incorporation of video has allowed him to garner a strong awe factor as well. He shows a three-minute video-clip of real pickpockets in action. This is his own astonishing footage, not re-enactment, shot in streets around the world. The video segues into an on-stage dramatization of the criminal technique. Then there’s a comedy twist—always an audience favorite.

Live video. Depending on venue, budget, and desires of the client, Bob Arno also incorporates a unique form of live video. Disguised, he’ll steal from unsuspecting guests before the performance–while a hidden video catches him in the act. Later, during the show, the video is projected to the great surprise and enjoyment of the guests, including the “victims.”

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Real-world advice. Bob Arno always spends a few minutes talking about how real street-thieves operate and how savvy travelers can foil them. Even after a performance meant to be pure entertainment, he is always profusely thanked by guests for his invaluable advice. People are universally fascinated by what Bob calls The Serious Side of Stealing.

Speaking of which, Bob also exposes the serious side of stealing in a one-hour keynote called Secrets of the Steal Business. While educational, it includes comedy and dramatic demonstrations. He has polished this lecture in front of police departments, security professionals, travelers, and corporate audiences around the world.

A class act. Yes, it’s interactive comedy; but oh-so-elegant and always in the best of taste. Proven by repeat bookings by Fortune 500 companies and word-of-mouth references. Bob’s presentation is accessible and appreciated by all audiences because he tailors the performance to suit the clientele. He has equal success with small and huge audiences, and specializes in multinational gatherings.

High-impact, powerful, and dynamic are words used by special events planners to describe Bob Arno’s presentation. Amazing, sidesplitting, and dynamite are words his audiences use. For ice-breakers, breakouts, keynotes, and gala finales, the verdict is unanimous: There Arno Better!



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