Giant 35' Inflatable Slide

35' Giant Slide

35' Giant Screaming Slide

Rent 35′ Inflatable Slide

Take your next event to The Edge with this amazing 35-foot tall, impressive dry slide designed for as many thrill seekers that dare to ride! An exclusive No-Jump Top provides safety, as it forces riders to slide down properly. Participants will climb up the center climb and choose from either a right or left slide, as they race to the screamingly-good finish, which provides a cushioned safety bump. A red and silver color scheme suits the fast-paced attraction, as kids of all ages will want to ride over and over again. Available in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

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  • Company Picnics 
  • Colleges 
  • Festivals, Highschool All Nighters, Prom 
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