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Elevate Your Event With Rob Ferre

Planning an event?

Maybe it’s a big conference or convention. Maybe it’s an intimate sales meeting. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Whatever the case may be, Rob Ferre will make it better.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Rob, tell you about his background and skill sets, and explain why he’s such a popular entertainer. Then we’ll give you the details you need to book Rob for one of your own events if you choose.

Let’s dive in!

Virtual Trivia with Rob - Gane Show Host - Funny Business Agency

Who is Rob Ferre?

Rob Ferre is an in-demand corporate event emcee, game show host, and keynote speaker. (He’s even been known to break out the turntables now and again and DJ for events!)

Rob hails from the Beehive State, AKA Utah, but his talents are in such demand, he’s traveled the world, entertaining audiences, from Des Moines to Dubai. Some of Rob’s clients include big-name brands like Amazon, Disney, and Dell. Not bad!

How Will Rob Ferre Make My Event Better?

Rob Ferre is a talented dude. As such, he can elevate your event in a variety of ways.

Do you need a master of ceremonies to help keep your get-together on track? Call Rob. Looking to spice up your next shindig with game show-style entertainment? Call Rob. Wanting to book an experienced speaker to educate your crowd? You guessed it—call Rob!

Have Rob Emcee Your Event

“We want people to stick around, enjoy themselves and come back every year. It’s not just about presenting things, it’s about the whole experience.” — Rob Ferre

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting an industry conference, company holiday party, or special fundraiser. Rob is an experienced event emcee and has the experience to host it with professionalism and class.

More than that, Rob will work with you and your team throughout the entire event-planning process to ensure its success. Imagine how much easier it will be for you to design a must-attend event when you have the talented Rob Ferre in your corner!

Book One of Rob’s Game Shows

“The Best Game Show Ever with Rob Ferre was the perfect fit for our audience! Rob and his assistant Howard were amazing onsite. They were full of energy and engaged with the audience after a long day of sessions. What a perfect way to end Day 1 of our conference.”  – Alice Cox, eCino

Rob is the host of “The Best Game Show Ever,” which can be customized to your event’s exact specifications. Want to entertain your crowd with trivia? How about a little Jeopardy or Family Feud-style fun? It’s all possible with Rob Ferre.

Let Rob Speak to Your Audience

Finally, Rob can deliver a keynote speech to your audience as well.

Two of his most popular keynotes are titled “Be the First One on the Dance: How to Start a Movement” and “Life Lessons I Learned From Walt.”

The first speech will teach your audience about the three core principles of creating a movement, while entertaining them with plenty of humor. In the second speech, Rob shares the lessons he learned while working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

What’s the Easiest Way to Book Rob Ferre?

There’s no doubt about it, Rob Ferre will make your event better. The question is, how do you book him? It couldn’t be simpler—get in touch with Funny Business Agency.

We have 30+ years of experience in the events industry. As such, we have connections with many of the best emcees, speakers, and entertainers in the world, including Rob Ferre. And we’d be more than happy to connect you with him at a rate that works for both of you.

Book Rob Ferre for your event today!

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