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21 Conference Entertainment Ideas, That Engage and Inspire Your Next Corporate Event

Are you looking for conference entertainment ideas? Is your conference calendar filling up with the same old formula – lectures, presentations, and networking receptions that leave attendees feeling like they’ve been there, done that? (Let’s be honest, who remembers much a month later?)

In today’s fast-paced world, corporate events need to be engaging and interactive to truly capture attention and maximize attendee ROI (Return on Investment). Incorporating a team building activity can significantly enhance the engagement and interaction levels, making the event more memorable and effective.

This year, ditch the tired traditions and inject your corporate event with a jolt of excitement with these trendy entertainment ideas. Planning for the entire event is crucial to create a cohesive experience. Additionally, considering the event budget when planning entertainment can help manage costs effectively. From mind-blowing Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to interactive workshops that spark creativity, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to transform your conference from a snooze fest into a buzz-worthy experience that has attendees raving long after the final session.

Conference entertainment ideas for 2024

When planning corporate event ideas, it’s essential to consider a variety of entertainment options to ensure a memorable experience for attendees. Aligning the entertainment with the event brand and goals is crucial to resonate with the audience and achieve the desired impact.

Let’s dive into 22 conference entertainment ideas guaranteed to engage, inspire, and create lasting memories!

  1. Kick-Off Your Conference with Inspiring Speakers

    Vince Poscente - Virtual Keynote Speaker - Funny Business Agency

    Corporate event planning and entertainment ideas don’t get much more impactful than a powerful kick-off. Ignite inspiration and empower your attendees with a renowned motivational speaker or a captivating keynote address. These industry leaders can set the tone for the event, spark critical thinking, and leave your audience feeling energized and ready to tackle new challenges.

  2. Liven Up Your Conference with Live Music

    Hire Your Generation In Concert - Funny Business Agency

    Infuse your conference with energy and create a vibrant atmosphere for breaks or receptions by incorporating live music. From dynamic bands playing upbeat tunes to captivating solo artists with soulful melodies, the right music can set the perfect mood for interaction and networking opportunities.

    This live entertainment can help attendees connect on a deeper level and create a more memorable experience. Choosing the right corporate event entertainment is essential to ensure it fits the event’s vibe and goals.

  3. Interactive Workshops & Activities: Boost Engagement & Spark Skill Development

    Move beyond traditional lectures and embrace interactive workshops & activities as part of your corporate event entertainment ideas. Encourage participation, collaboration, and hands-on learning with workshops that focus on skill development in areas like team building, communication, or creative thinking. These sessions will not only educate but also foster a sense of team building activity and camaraderie among attendees.

    Consider incorporating an interactive art display to engage attendees creatively and allow them to collaborate on unique art pieces.

  4. Take Your Conference to the Next Level with VR/AR

    conference VR ideas
    Push the boundaries of traditional entertainment and surprise your audience with immersive experiences using cutting-edge technology like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Immersive VR experiences can enhance presentations, showcase products in a new light, and leave a lasting impression on attendees. AR scavenger hunts can transform your venue into an interactive playground, encouraging exploration and friendly competition.

    Virtual events can also benefit from VR, providing remote attendees with an immersive and engaging experience.

  5. Keep Attendees Engaged with Live Polling & Apps

    Leverage technology to boost audience engagement throughout the conference. Live polling and audience interaction apps allow attendees to participate in real-time Q&A sessions, answer polls, and share their thoughts instantly. This creates a more dynamic and interactive experience, keeping your audience on the edge of their seats. Live polling can also help you gather valuable audience insights.

  6. Speed Networking Sessions: Forge Valuable Connections in a Flash

    Facilitate valuable connections with short, structured speed networking sessions at networking events. Set a timer for 5-minute chats and rotate participants, allowing everyone to meet a variety of people in a short amount of time. This fast-paced format is a great way for attendees to expand their network and make new business connections.

  7. Lighten the Mood with Comedy Entertainment

    Leighann Lord - Clean Comedian - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

    Break the ice and boost engagement with laughter by exploring various entertainment options! A well-placed joke or an improv skit can create a positive and memorable conference experience. Consider hiring a comedian or improv troupe to inject humor and lightheartedness into your event. Laughter is a universal language that can help attendees relax, connect, and form lasting memories.

  8. Get Festive with Themed Entertainment Activities & Games

    For a touch of fun and interactivity try conference entertainment ideas with themed entertainment like interactive experiences such as game shows with custom challenges or silent discos where attendees choose their music channel. These engaging activities will bring a playful spirit to your event, encourage friendly competition, and provide ample opportunities for attendees to mingle and have a good time.

  9. Boost Social Media Buzz with a Conference Photo Booth

    hire time stopper photo booth

    Provide a fun way to capture memories and share experiences with social media-worthy photo booths. Deck out your booth with unique backdrops and props that align with your event theme. This interactive element will encourage attendees to loosen up, have some fun, and share their conference experience online, boosting social media engagement and brand awareness for your event.

  10. Wow Attendees with Unique Variety Acts

    Hire Passing Zone - Corporate Entertainers - Funny Business Agency

    Surprise and entertain your audience with captivating variety acts as part of your entertainment options! From ventriloquists who can make dummies come alive to mind-bending hypnotists who leave audiences awestruck, these performers can inject excitement, humor, and wonder into your next corporate party entertainment or event.

    Variety acts are a guaranteed conversation starter and will leave your attendees talking about the event long after it’s over.

  11. Amaze Attendees with Magic & Mind Reading

    Magic shows and mentalist performances are a form of interactive entertainment that can provide a refreshing break and create a sense of awe and wonder among attendees. Stage illusions, close-up magic, and mind-reading demonstrations can spark conversation and leave attendees talking long after the performance. Consider the type of magic that aligns with your event’s theme (sophisticated illusions for a formal event, interactive close-up magic for a more casual setting) to maximize impact.

  12. Get Crafty & Eco-Friendly with Upcycled Crafts

    Embrace sustainability and social responsibility with a workshop where attendees create crafts using recycled materials. This eco-friendly activity is not only fun and creative but also promotes a positive message about environmental consciousness. It’s a unique way to engage attendees, spark conversations about sustainability, and even create useful or decorative items they can take home as a memento.

  13. Culinary Entertainment & Cooking Contests: Bond Over Food & Create Memories

    Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience Banner - Funny Business Agency

    Food is a universal unifier! Consider culinary entertainment such as interactive cooking classes as part of your corporate event entertainment ideas. This could involve a live, cooking class, demonstration by a renowned chef showcasing their culinary skills or even a friendly cooking competition between attendees. These interactive experiences allow attendees to bond over a shared love of food, learn new techniques, and create lasting memories.

  14. Volunteer Activity: Give Back to the Community & Boost Team Spirit

    Community engagement is a great way to give back and boost team spirit with a volunteer activity during the conference. Partner with a local charity and have attendees spend a few hours making a difference. This opportunity to connect with a worthy cause fosters social responsibility in company culture, strengthens team bonds through shared experiences, and leaves a positive impact on the community.

  15. Emcee Hosts: Elevate Your Event with a Captivating Emcee Host

    A skilled emcee host can be the glue that holds your conference together by managing the event flow. They can set the tone, manage transitions smoothly, keep the audience engaged, and even inject humor or inspiration throughout the event. Consider the different emcee styles (comedic, energetic, etc.) and choose one that complements your event’s theme and audience.

  16. Live Podcasting: Engage Attendees & Promote Your Event

    Podcasts are booming in popularity. Host a live podcast recording in an interactive format featuring industry thought leaders or interview attendees on-the-spot about their biggest takeaways. This interactive format provides valuable insights and perspectives, allows attendees to participate and potentially be featured on the podcast, and promotes your event to a wider audience.

  17. De-Stress & Recharge with Wellness Activities

    Captivate Tradeshow Attendees with Oculus Quest VR Meditation Booths

    Conferences can be stressful. Offer attendees ways to relax and unwind with wellness activities like yoga classes, meditation sessions, or massage chairs. Promoting well-being demonstrates that you care about your attendees’ overall experience. These activities can help them recharge, refocus, and return to sessions feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

  18. Get Competitive with Interactive Trivia & Games

    Best Game Show Ever - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

    Spark friendly competition and test attendees’ knowledge with interactive games such as an interactive trivia session or a custom-designed game show. This is a great way to encourage participation and keep attendees engaged during breaks or downtime. Trivia or game shows can cover industry-related topics, pop culture, or even current events, catering to a variety of interests and fostering a sense of camaraderie among attendees.

  19. Elevate Your Event with Live Art & Performance Painting

    Incorporate a visually stimulating experience with with artistic performances and live art demonstrations. Guests can watch as talented artists create masterpieces throughout the event, fostering conversation and a unique talking point. This allows attendees to witness the creative process firsthand, appreciate artistic expression, and add a touch of elegance to your event.

  20. Local Artist Showcase: Support Local Talent & Add Cultural Flair

    Support local talent and add a cultural touch by featuring a showcase of artwork from local talent and regional artists. This entertainment idea for corporate events not only provides attendees with something new to discover but also contributes to the local art scene.

  21. Get Active with Interactive Dance Performances

    Move beyond static performances and engage attendees with an interactive dance performance and dance workshops. This could involve teaching basic dance moves or incorporating audience participation into a group routine. Interactive dance is a fun and energetic way to break the ice, encourage physical activity, and create a memorable shared experience.

  22. Go Global with a Virtual Conference Experience

    Jeff Civillico - Wall of Faces - Virtual Host - Funny Business Agency

    Expand your reach and cater to a wider audience by offering a virtual conference experience alongside the in-person event. This allows virtual attendees to participate in sessions, network with others online, and access valuable content even if they can’t attend in person. A virtual component can significantly increase your event’s reach, attract a global audience, and provide additional value for attendees who can’t travel.

Remember, the key to a successful corporate event is to create an engaging and memorable experience for your attendees. Mix and match these entertainment ideas for corporate events, get creative, and let corporate entertainment at your conference become the talk of the town!

Discover the best Conference Entertainment Ideas

Ready to transform your next event? Contact Funny Business Agency today to discuss how we can help you implement these ideas and create a buzz-worthy experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are some fun and engaging entertainment ideas for a conference?

Conferences can benefit greatly from incorporating fun and engaging entertainment. Interactive activities like trivia nights, game shows, escape rooms, and photo booths are all popular choices. These encourage attendees to interact, have fun, and create lasting memories. Live entertainment like comedians, musicians, or magicians can provide a refreshing break from presentations and lectures. Recognizing attendee achievements with a lighthearted award ceremony in fun categories is another way to boost engagement.

How can I choose the right entertainment for my conference?

The ideal entertainment for your conference hinges on several factors. Consider your target audience’s age, interests, and energy level. Choose entertainment that complements your conference theme. Finally, determine a realistic budget. Entertainment options range from free icebreaker games to hiring big-name performers.

How can I keep attendees engaged during breaks and downtime?

Conference breaks and downtime are prime opportunities to keep attendees engaged with fun and interactive activities.

Setting up a photo booth with entertaining props and backdrops encourages attendees to take pictures and share them on social media, boosting conference visibility.

Hiring a local musician to play calming or upbeat tunes during breaks creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Organizing networking games specifically designed to encourage attendees to mingle and learn about each other’s work is another great way to keep them engaged during downtime.

What are examples of conference entertainment?

Examples of conference entertainment include keynote speakers, live music performances, comedy acts, interactive workshops, magic shows, virtual reality (VR) experiences, photo booths, cultural performances, and unique panel discussions.

How can I ensure my conference entertainment is professional yet fun?

Maintaining a professional atmosphere is still achievable even with fun entertainment. Choose entertainment that’s appropriate for your industry and target audience. Briefly introduce the entertainment and connect it to the conference theme, if possible.

Finally, ensure the entertainment doesn’t cut into valuable presentation or networking time. By following these tips, you can choose conference entertainment that keeps attendees engaged, entertained, and wanting more, all while maintaining a professional tone.