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Company Holiday Party Ideas

Ideas for your Company Holiday Party 

Many companies have already begun weighing options, reviewing budgets and brainstorming ideas for their company holiday party celebration. Consistently planning and running a corporate holiday party that’s both fun and re-energizing can prove to be quite challenging. Fortunately for you, we have tons of great ideas that can make your holiday party a huge success.

Hiring corporate entertainment is a great way to celebrate the end of the year and your employee and company achievements. It’s also a great way to just relax outside of the workplace, come together and be entertained. There are plenty of talented, professional and clean corporate entertainers that have proven themselves effective performers for business audiences.

Idea #1. Hire a Corporate Comedian

Corporate Comedian Andrew Norelli

Comedy is one of the most ubiquitous forms of corporate entertainment. It has broad appeal to audiences of all generations, it’s relatable and everyone loves a good laugh!

All of our Corporate Comedians have experience performing for corporate audiences and are sensitive to the corporate environment so you can sit back and enjoy a deeply satisfying show that will appeal to all groups.


Idea #2. Hire a Magician

Andy Gross Levitating Body

A Corporate Magician dazzles and holds your audience in suspense with a sense of mystery, intrigue and wonder.
These Magicians will entertain and interact with your audience, engaging them and keeping them interested. Your audience will delighted by the artful fusion of clever comedy and magical stunts.

Idea #3. Hire a Mentalist

Jym Elders

Fasten your seatbelt for the unexpected thrill through the adventure of the mind.
A Mentalist captivates your audience with a mind-blowing display of sensational tricks, pulling off jaw-dropping stunts that’ll have people wondering, “How did he do that?” Co-workers will be left intrigued by unreal feats that will leave them talking for weeks.

Idea #4. Hire a Hypnotist

Book Josh McVicar

A Hypnotist takes entertainment to the next level with the thrill of audience interaction. Audience volunteers become the stars of the show by taking to the stage to be hypnotized.
Under hypnosis they’ll participate in an extravaganza of lighthearted stunts that’ll have the audience on their feet. Take your co-workers on a riveting thrill ride never to be forgotten.

Idea #5. Host a Game Show

Game Show Mania

We provide everything you need for an authentic game show experience including a host, professional sound system, and much more. Co-workers participate in a light-hearted competition that’s both fun and engaging.

Idea #6. Hire a Unique Variety Act

Josh Casey Comedian Corporate Juggler

Want something outside of the box or a performer that will combine various types of entertainment? We’ve got you covered. From jugglers and ventriloquists to roving performers and physical comedians there’s lots of great variety acts to choose from.

Contact us now to start discussing how we can make this year’s company holiday party the best one yet! December and January weekends are the busiest days of the year for corporate performers and they fill up fast, so don’t delay!

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