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Company Holiday Corporate Comedians

This week take a look at three Company Holiday Corporate Comedians that are favorites among our previous clients. You can always browse more great talent at our Corporate Comedians page or at Corporate Entertainment.

Cash Levy

Book Company Holiday Corporate Comedian Cash Levy

“One of the Finest Improvisers in the Country.”

Cash Levy uses this skill to interact with your audience, spontaneously creating jokes specific to your event.

Cash has that rare ability to play off the crowd, which makes for a very fun and entertaining corporate event or party. By discovering a few things about your group, Cash will create a truly interactive show. You and your co-workers will feel like they were included in a part of something unforgettable.

When you hire Cash, you’re not getting a recital of jokes you’ve seen him tell on the TV or radio, instead you’re getting a personal, customized show about your group.

“Cash is definitely at the top of is game and is razor-sharp at both content and delivery.” -Jamieson Media
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Jeff Jena

Book Jeff Jena: Company Holiday Corporate Comedian

“One of America’s Favorite Corporate Comics!”

Jeff is hailed as one of the top corporate comics working today. He will bring to your event his experience of performing live over the past thirty years and over forty national television show appearances.

Using his experience as both a writer and a performer, Jeff will win over your audience with a hilarious evening of comedy. If you choose, Jeff can customize an evening’s entertainment just for your group.

You’re audience will love Jeff’s blend of one-liners, storytelling and touching personal tales. See why Jeff has received high-praise and standing ovations from clients across the country.

“He exceeded any of our expectations and received a stand ovation from our group.” -MESSA
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Mike Armstrong

Book Mike Armstrong: Company Holiday Corporate Comedian

“This Crazy ex-cop has some kind of magical power that no one can resist.”

As an ex-cop with a deep sense of humor, Mike will grab your audience early. His clean, folksy style will keep you laughing far into the night.

You’ll be hiring a friendly, relatable, involved and most of all – funny comedian that has a wide appeal to people of all backgrounds. Mike will impress you with the care he takes to make sure he doesn’t offend anyone in your audience. He is a professional before, during, and after the event.

Your co-workers will be rolling in the aisles at night and talking about the show the next day at the water cooler.

“…great job getting them laughing early and often with his jokes relating to marriage, kids, jobs and everyday issues that we all face.” -Fifth Third Bank
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