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Why Comedians Make for Perfect Hospital Fundraiser Entertainment

When it comes to hospital fundraiser entertainment, there’s no better place to look than in the comedy world. Let’s take a look at why comedians make for the perfect hospital fundraiser entertainment.

Everyone Loves to Laugh

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One of the many things that make comedy a good choice for entertainment is because its a universally loved form of entertainment. Unlike music, which has different genres and can be very subjective, comedy is a form of entertainment that’s beloved by all. You don’t have to get a “risqué” comedian to get a good response; a “clean” comedian will do just fine.

Breaks Tension and Lifts the Mood

Whenever you’re at a fundraiser, you’re surrounded by strange and new people — and that can be very intimidating. But if there’s one thing that can break the tension, it’s comedy. Comedy is also aLaughing Audience - Comedy Show - Funny Business Agency great way to boost morale between co-workers and help you bond with your co-workers while you laugh.

Events — especially hospital fundraisers — can be very heavy. After all, you are raising money for a hospital, which usually has terminally ill patients. What better way to lighten the mood than to have a comedian on board? A comedian will, if nothing else, make you laugh.

Helps People Cope and Process Things

Many of us have lost a loved one to a terminal illness, and in many of these cases, their demise happened in a hospital. So it would make sense that having a comedy routine at the hospital fundraiser would add some much-needed levity to a situation.

The BBC put it best: “Comedy is more than just a pleasant way to pass an evening, as humor is more than something to amuse. It’s interwoven into the fabric of our everyday existence.”

Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence that supports the fact that comedy will help you process things in a better way. Scott Weems, a cognitive scientist and author, spent years studying how comedy affects the brain in a positive way.

He concluded that humor is a way for our brain to process conflicting messages. Most importantly, however, humor is a way for us to bond with our fellow human beings. “This, in part, is why we laugh in response to dark, confusing or tragic events that, on the face of it, shouldn’t be funny at all,” he said.

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Comedy for Fundraisers Are a Load of Fun!

But perhaps the most important reason why you should hire a comedian for your next fundraiser is because, above all else, they’re a load of fun. Young or old, everyone loves to laugh — and no one can make you laugh quite like a comedian. And this is especially true if you get an “all ages” comedian that doesn’t do risqué humor or offend anyone, but makes everyone laugh!





How to Hire a Comedian for a Hospital Fundraiser

In short, getting a clean comedian for your hospital fundraiser is the perfect form of entertainment. Funny Business Agency  all sorts of comedians at an affordable price. To find out how we can provide the perfect comedian for your hospital fundraiser, or for any other event, contact Funny Business Agency today.

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