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College Agency – 5 Things to Consider When Working With One

Are you considering working with a College Agency to book entertainment? Maybe you’ve worked with a College Agency in the past, but you’d like to keep your options open.

Here are 5 Things to Consider When Working with a College Agency:

1. What does this college agency specialize in?

An agency’s specialty can range from specific types of acts like comedians, variety acts like magicians, jugglers or mentalists, musical acts, and more. Or an agency can have offer multiple-types of entertainment.

2. Does the agency have a good reputation?

There are hundreds of college entertainment agencies out there. You need to know which ones have a good reputation. One good way to know is if they have worked with a number of colleges in the past. They are the ones that will be around all the way through the events and beyond. They will give you the customer service every step of the way. And you can have the confidence they have solid, professional entertainers.

Does this agency have a good reputation?

3. Do they have a good roster of college entertainers?

Duh! This is the big one. Finding the entertainers you like and finding the ones that will be good for a show for a full 45-60 minutes is on your shoulders. Watch the videos. See what colleges they have played at. Usually major college entertainment agencies will have several great acts to choose from.

4. Who is the actual college agent you are dealing with?

Before making your commitment it’s important to know who you’ll be working with. Is he or she friendly and knowledgeable? Do they get you answers and prices quickly? Are they trustworthy? Check them out on Facebook or LinkedIn.

5. What’s the size of this college agency?

The size of the agency you’re working with can make a difference in the level of service you may receive. While there are advantages and disadvantages to working with an agency of nearly any size, it’s important to consider what advantages may be the best fit for you and your goals. A small agency may be able to give you extra attention that a large agency could not. A large agency may have more connections than the smaller agency.

What else should you consider when working with a college agency? Let us know in the comments.

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