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Clean Comedy and Corporate Comedy

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The great thing about working with Funny Business talent agency, is that we know our entertainers and we know how to match them up with what you need. We just need to know a little about your audience and your goals for the event and we can match you up with the best entertainment for your corporate event. Whether it’s a fundraiser, party, sales meeting, convention or some other type of work event, we can find entertainment that is suited for the audience.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the difference between clean and corporate comedians.

Today we want to share some sample material to help you further understand the differences.

Clean comedy is good for any audience and age, the material is PG. Some great comedy is clean, so don’t assume it will be boring. Clean comedians will often joke about everyday life scenarios that we can all relate to and find the humor in. 

Corporate comedy covers topics related to the corporate world – the material is funny and relevant to the audience. The key to the success of the corporate comedian is their knowledge of the business world. Understanding the niche helps them create content that is so spot on, your audience will roar with laughter as they recognize the issues the comedian is talking about.

Here are some samples of clean and corporate comedians:

Brian Regan is both a clean comedian and a corporate comedian. Read more about him or check out his video.

Erin Jackson also offers clean comedy. Check out Erin’s video now.

James Connolly offers corporate comedy.  Watch his video now.

Click explore  Corporate, Clean and Celebrity comedians and other performers available for your events.

There are also celebrity comedians, which may offer clean material and/or corporate material. 

Since comedians can be categorized in so many different ways, it’s helpful to use a talent agency like Funny Business, to ensure you get the right act for your audience.

To hire a clean comedian or to learn more about corporate events and booking comedians, as well as all other entertainment types, please visit our comprehensive guide on corporate event entertainment.

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