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Whether you are looking for weekly casino comedy shows, big name headline comedians, variety acts or roving artists, we have the experience to help.

Comedy Nights

Regular comedy night shows are an ideal lower cost option for casinos looking to attract new patrons and provide some comedy relief for their casino guests. Plus comedy nights cost very little compared to bigger budget shows.

Comedy night shows don’t require celebrity comedians to be successful. A high caliber two person comedy show using comedians who already headline top comedy clubs and resorts across the country will provide a great show and draw new customers.

With a little promotion, a weekly comedy night can become a big draw for 25-55 years old patrons that may not have visited a casino yet. It is natural for those new patrons, when coming to a comedy night show, to also check out all the casino has to offer from it’s gaming tables to restaurants and bars many casinos also have.

Casinos also find comedy nights a nice addition to offer it’s existing gaming customers. Just like having a dinner at the casino, a 90 minute comedy show let patrons relax, laugh and be refreshed before they return to the gaming areas.

Casino comedy nights are growing quickly across the country. Many casinos are located in areas where there isn’t a comedy club for people to see comedy shows. The casino provides that “big city” entertainment they just can’t find in that area.

Call us at (616) 949-7387 or request more information to find out how Funny Business Agency can help you build a successful comedy night.

Headline Comedy Shows & Variety Acts

We regularly book special bigger name shows and variety acts for casinos across the country. Check out some more ideas of celebrity comedians and variety acts.

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