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Book Holiday Party Entertainment in August? Yes, Here’s Why…

Book holiday party entertainment in July.

Planning a Christmas party in August sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Who wants to think about egg nog and Santa Clause when it’s 100 degrees outside? But here’s the thing: if you want to host a killer holiday bash in December, you need to give yourself plenty of lead up time.

Here are three reasons why you should definitely book holiday party entertainment in August:

1. Top Talent is Always Booked in Advance

The best performers set their schedules months ahead of time. If you want to book a specific comedian, magician, musician, etc. for your corporate shindig, you need to get on their calendar well in advance. That way they don’t book the date you want with someone else.

There’s nothing worse than scouring the internet for talented performers, parsing through YouTube videos and demo reels, and finally choosing an act that offers everything you’re looking for—only to learn that they’re not available for your event.

2. There’s a Lot of Pent Up Demand For Entertainers

In years past, you might have been able to wait until September or October to book holiday party entertainment. But there’s a HUGE demand for live entertainers since the pandemic. We weren’t able to plan traditional Christmas parties in the last few years due to social distancing regulations. Now that many COVID-related rules have gone by the wayside, more companies than ever before will be hosting holiday get-togethers.

If you don’t book your preferred entertainers now, someone else will.

3. You Need Time to Make an Informed Decision

The right performer will help your guests relax, have fun, and otherwise elevate your event to new heights. So you need to make sure you book the right entertainer, which may take time—especially if multiple people need to sign off on the act.

Don’t wait until the last minute and rush this important decision. Start booking your holiday party entertainment in July so you have plenty of time to make your choice.

5 Corporate Party Entertainment Ideas

Now that you know why you should book holiday party entertainment in August, you’re probably wondering which acts you should contact about performing. Lucky for you, we have ideas:


Comedians make for great Christmas party entertainment. The only thing you need to decide is what kind of comedian you want to book. You could go with a clean comedian like Andy Hendrickson, who will tell super funny, inoffensive jokes. Or an improv group like Colin and Brad, who will generate audience participation. If you have the budget, hire a celebrity comedian like Jay Leno to impress your audience.


Hire Corporate Magician

If you really want to give your corporate shindig an upgrade, consider working with a magician. Acts like Ben Seidman, Michael Carbonaro, and Digital Deception will combine amazing magic tricks with humorous quips to create a show that your guests will remember for long after it concludes.


The Evasons - Mentalist Duo - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

A mentalist is kind of like a magician, except these types of performers read minds rather than perform illusions. Mentalism is actually one of the hottest forms of entertainment right now, and a perfect addition to your holiday party! Book an act like Oz Pearlman, who’s appeared on many top-rated TV shows. Or work with Colin Cloud, a performer who has been called the “real-life Sherlock Holmes.”


Hire Your Generation In Concert

Of course, you can always book a musical act for your Christmas party entertainment. Your favorite band will do the trick. Or you can take a different route and book The Water Coolers, who have been creating hilarious songs about work for the past 15 years and have toured all over the globe, from Singapore to Australia. A dueling pianos performance is another highly-entertaining musical option.

Game Shows

Best Game Show Ever - Corporate Events - Funny Business Agency

Looking to treat your guests to a truly unique experience this holiday season? Book a game show for your Christmas party. There are plenty of options available to you, including “Bonk the Game Show” and “Are You Smarter Than…?” Whichever game you choose, you can be sure your guests will have a blast.

Live or Virtual Entertainment

Jeff Civillico - Wall of Faces - Virtual Host - Funny Business Agency

One of the best things about each of these holiday party entertainment ideas is that they can be delivered in-person or virtually. This means that they’ll all fit your holiday plans, no matter what kind of Christmas get-together you happen to be cooking up.

Book the Best Christmas Party Entertainment

It’s clear, if you want to book the best Christmas party entertainment, you have to do so well before the holiday season rolls around. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and connect with the best comedians, magicians, and musicians now and reserve your spot on their calendar.

Not sure how to book top entertainers? It’s easy: get in touch with Funny Business Agency and we’ll use our 30+ years of experience to connect you with a talented performer who fits your company’s unique needs and budget. Let’s work together!

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