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Comedy Nights

How to Host a Comedy Night in 4 Easy Steps

The comedy scene in many cities around the world has exploded in popularity. Why shouldn’t it? Comedy shows are some of the most fun forms of entertainment available. They’re so fun, in fact, you’re probably wondering how to host a comedy night of your own, right? You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to […]

Fundraiser Ideas: Host a Comedy Night

Unleash the Power of Laughter with a Comedy Night Fundraiser Are you on the hunt for a unique, fun-filled, and successful fundraising idea? Whether you’re part of a non-profit organization, a school board, or a church, hosting a comedy night is an effective way to generate revenue for your cause. Hundreds of organizations have successfully […]

Three Tools to Promote your Comedy Shows

Are you looking for new ways to promote your comedy shows? Whether you’re a full-time comedy club or a small venue holding once a week shows, you can take advantage of these online tools to boost attendance and word-of-mouth. By offering your customers an incentive to check-out your venue, you’ll be attracting new patrons that […]

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