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9 Top Clean Comedians to Liven Up Your Next Event


Ever been to an event where the “comedian” you hired left you more red-faced than laughing? Yeah, us too. We’ve all suffered through that awkward stand-up routine at a work retreat or the children’s entertainer whose jokes were a little too…adult. Planning an event is stressful enough, and finding clean stand up comedians who are guaranteed to bring the laughs without the cringe can feel like an impossible task.

But fear not, event planners! We’ve scoured the comedy scene and compiled a list of the 9 Top Clean Comedians who will liven up your next event without a single off-color joke. No matter if it’s a corporate gathering or a family fun night, these hilarious performers will have everyone rolling in the aisles (in the best way possible).

Best Clean Comedians

The Rise of Clean Comedy

Clean comedy isn’t your dad’s (slightly inappropriate) jokes at the barbecue anymore. It’s a rapidly growing genre attracting audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Studies show that a whopping 78% of event planners specifically seek out clean comedians for their events. But why the surge in popularity?

  • Wider appeal: They avoids alienating anyone with offensive material, making it perfect for multi-generational events or gatherings with a diverse crowd. In contrast, most comedians often resort to crude humor and profanity to create laughs.
  • Focus on relatable humor: Clean comedians excel at witty observations, clever wordplay, and physical comedy that everyone can enjoy.
  • Safe environment: No more awkward silences or wondering if your boss is silently judging a comedian’s raunchy jokes. They guarantees a fun and comfortable atmosphere for all.

Best Famous Clean Comedians for Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event, like a team retreat, holiday party, or client appreciation night? Laughter is a powerful tool for building team morale, fostering creativity, and creating a memorable experience for everyone.

Clean comedians are the perfect choice for your next work function. They guarantee hilarious performances that are suitable for all ages and backgrounds, avoiding any awkward or offensive content. This ensures a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere where your colleagues can relax, connect, and enjoy themselves. Clean comedians have also found significant success in the entertainment industry, providing family-friendly entertainment that resonates with a wide audience.

Here are our top picks for Corporate Comedy Kings/Queens who will have your team rolling in the aisles (in the best way possible).

  1. Ryan Hamilton

    Ryan Hamilton’s charm and clever wit make him a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at corporate events. His relatable observations on work life and pop culture, delivered with a clean and polished style, will have your team laughing all night. (Plus, boasting appearances on major talk shows and a Netflix special adds some star power to your event and highlights his success in the comedy world!)

  2. Tom Papa

    Tom Papa’s a veteran comedian known for his hilarious takes on the everyday situations everyone can relate to. His comedy album has been celebrated for its clean humor and was even chosen as the Best Comedy Album of the year. From office life to pop culture, he finds the humor in the mundane, making him a perfect choice for corporate gatherings. His experience performing on major talk shows and Netflix specials guarantees a polished and professional performance.

  3. Mike Goodwin

    Mike Goodwin’s focus on family, relationships, and cultural observations creates a warm and inclusive atmosphere perfect for corporate events. His clean and relatable humor avoids stereotypes and focuses on the funny side of everyday life, ensuring everyone enjoys the show. His comedy acts, which won him the 2019 Clean Comedy Challenge, are a testament to his talent and ability to entertain without resorting to offensive material.

  4. Greg Warren

    Greg Warren’s unique blend of storytelling and observational humor in stand-up comedy keeps audiences engaged and laughing. He weaves hilarious tales from everyday life, making him relatable and perfect for your corporate event that want a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. His appearances on Late Night with Seth Meyers showcase his ability to connect with a diverse audience.

  5. Leighann Lord

    Leighann Lord’s quick wit and engaging stage presence make her a standout in clean comedy. She has also been involved in sketch comedy, showcasing her versatility in the genre. She’s a great choice for corporate events that want a comedian who can interact with the audience and keep the energy high. Her appearances on Comedy Central, HBO, and The View demonstrate her ability to entertain a wide range of viewers.

  6. Andy Hendrickson

    Andy Hendrickson’s standup comedy, characterized by his dry wit and self-deprecating humor, offers a unique perspective that’s perfect for corporate audiences looking for something a little different. His experience writing for a popular Netflix series adds a touch of industry cred to your event.

  7. Dwayne Perkins

    Dwayne Perkins’ relatable observations on everyday life and cultural nuances make him a crowd-puller at any corporate functions. His involvement in Dry Bar Comedy, known for its family-friendly and high-energy content, further showcases his talent in clean comedy specials. His clean humor focuses on the funny aspects of daily situations, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all. His appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Conan demonstrate his ability to entertain on a national stage.

  8. Pat McGann

    Pat McGann’s relatable humor about family, parenting, and life in the Midwest resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Among famous clean comedians, Pat McGann stands out for his ability to keep his comedy clean while still being incredibly funny. His clean jokes and focus on universal experiences make him a perfect choice for corporate gatherings seeking a lighthearted and inclusive atmosphere. His Comedy Central special and appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman showcase his comedic talent and experience.

  9. Brad Upton

    Brad Upton’s friendly and relatable style makes him a favorite at corporate audience. As a former cast member of popular comedy shows, his vast experience performing across the country guarantees a polished and comfortable performance. He can adapt his humor to different audiences, ensuring everyone enjoys the show.

This curated list showcases the diverse talents of clean comedians, each offering a unique blend of humor that’s perfect for corporate events in 2024. Whether it’s Ryan Hamilton’s charm or Brad Upton’s repeatability, these comedians are sure to leave a lasting impression on your corporate audience.

While this post focuses on clean comedians for corporate events, there’s also a growing niche of Christian comedians who perform clean comedy routines with themes that resonate with faith-based audiences. If you’re looking for clean comedians specifically suited for church events, check out our upcoming post on ‘Best Christian Comedians‘.

How to Hire a Clean comedian

Ready to bring laughter and joy to your next corporate gathering? Ryan Hamilton, a well-known clean comedian, is a prime example of how observational humor and everyday experiences can entertain audiences. Don’t wait any longer—book one of these talented clean comedians today and make your event a resounding success!

Contact us now to secure your preferred comedian and ensure a night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories for all. Let’s create an event that will be talked about for years and decades to come!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why Choose Clean Comedians for Your Event?

So, you’re planning an event and want to ensure everyone has a blast. Here’s why clean comedians are the perfect choice:

  • Guaranteed laughs: These skilled performers know how to be funny without resorting to vulgarity.
  • Stress-free planning: No need to worry about inappropriate content or offended guests.
  • Memorable experience: Clean comedy creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.
  • Boosts team morale (for corporate events): Shared laughter is a great way to build camaraderie and break the ice at work functions.
How much does it cost to hire a clean comedian for a corporate event?

The cost of hiring a clean comedian can vary depending on several factors, such as the comedian’s experience, the length of their performance, and the location of your event. However, we work with a wide range of clean stand up comedians to fit most budgets. Contact us for a free quote based on your specific needs.

How do I book a clean comedian through your service?

Booking a clean comedian is easy! Simply contact us and let us know about your event details, including the date, location, expected audience size, and your preferred comedic style. We’ll use this information to curate a selection of clean stand up comedians who are a perfect fit for your event. You can then review their profiles and choose the comedian you think will best suit your audience.

What if I’m not sure which clean comedian to choose?

No problem! We’re here to help. Based on your event details and preferences, we can provide recommendations and answer any questions you have about the different comedians on our roster. Our goal is to ensure you find the perfect comedian to make your event a success.

Can you guarantee the clean comedian will be funny?

While we can’t guarantee humor is subjective, we can assure you that all the comedians we work with have a proven track record of success and are known for their clean and entertaining performances. We’ll also provide you with videos or online reviews of the comedians you’re considering so you can get a sense of their style before making your final decision.

Who are the best clean comedians?

It’s difficult to say definitively who the absolute “best” are, as humor is subjective. However, we work with a range of talented clean stand up comedians who excel at entertaining corporate audiences. Here are some of our top picks, known for their clean humor and ability to connect with a variety of crowds: Ryan Hamilton (Witty Observational Humor), Tom Papa (Relatable Everyday Humor), Mike Goodwin (Clean Family & Culture Humor), Greg Warren (Storytelling & Observational Humor), Leighann Lord (Sharp Wit & Engaging Personality), Andy Hendrickson (Dry Wit & Self-Deprecating Humor), Dwayne Perkins (Everyday Life & Culture), Pat McGann (Family, Parenting & Midwest Humor), Brad Upton (Friendly & Relatable)