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An Interview with Comedian Sydney Adeniyi

In August of 2016, Sydney Adeniyi made the courageous leap from working at a regular day job to actively pursuing his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.

Since his first performance at a venue in Belleville, IL, he has performed professionally hundreds of times at some of the nation’s top colleges, comedy clubs, and comedy festivals.

Read our interview with Sydney Adeniyi to hear his advice to event planners, learn more about his style of humor, what drives him, and what he likes to joke about.

What inspires your comedy? What do you like to joke about?

My comedy is inspired by my everyday life experiences and situations. I like to joke about not fitting in, dating snafus, and crazy random stories.

What’s your most accomplished moment?

My most accomplished moment was leaving my day job August 2016 and becoming a full-time comic. I made the leap and took a chance, hoping I can joke and act my way to the bank. I really enjoyed my job and coworkers as an IT manager. I was comfortable, decently compensated, and happy. But, I very much wanted to follow my dream to be a comic and felt my great job situation was a crutch.

I put in my notice, prepared my replacement, and decided to move to LA. I think the biggest symbolic moment, albeit corny, was changing my Facebook job to Stand-up Comedian. Although I had been doing comedy for years while working a day job, and only claimed it as secondary i.e.: “… and I do Stand-up at night.” Claiming allowed myself to make that psychological leap, which still give me some butterflies as a writer, is my most accomplished moment. I am a Stand-up Comic.

What should an audience expect when they see you perform? What’s your act like?

An audience should expect to like me and have fun. I’ve been told, and now take ownership, of being likable performing.  Charismatically, I perform various personal stories and antidotes that are fun, lighthearted but have undertones and deeper critiques of race, sex, politics, family, and self-awareness.

What types of events have you done?

I’ve performed at many types of events. I’ve performed at Corporate events and parties, Fundraisers, Clubs, Colleges, Weddings, a Library, a homeless shelter, High Schools, Churches, Political events, and Private Parties.

How would you describe your humor or style?

I am a self-deprecating storyteller with undertone opinions on society.

What advice can you give to readers who are planning an event?

Make sure to provide an environment to ensure a successful performance.  Let the audience/guests know that there will be a performer. Educate us on do’s and don’ts of the venue/environment.

Sydney was great, the students enjoyed his performance and just speaking with him before and after the show.<span class="su-quote-cite">Lees-McRae College</span>

How has your act evolved over time?

My act began as mostly observational humor to now mostly personal stories. Additionally, my stories continue to evolve as I find more tangents and viewpoints to explore.

How did you get started?

My first performance was at Blue Agave in Belleville, IL. A waiter at a local restaurant noticed the Comedy Bible and invited me to do a show he was producing. I was very nervous and unprepared. I went up early in the lineup which included Andi Smith, who complimented one of my jokes. It was a decent set and I’m thankful I’m better now.

What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?

I was rocking a packed audience and a lady in front told me my fly was open. I was able to pass the blame to the entire room for not telling me for 15 minutes.

Who has been an inspiration to you, comedian and/or non-comedians?

My comedy inspirations are Ellen, Russell Peters, and Dave Chappelle. Outside of that, I’m really driven by family. Comedy and joking was always a way of communicating for us. I just use what I’ve I knew to perform on stage. Additionally, my Doctor Sister and Engineer Brother are pretty successful in their respective fields, so, I’m also driven by competitiveness and avoiding being the failure of the family.

If you were in some other kind of art, what would you be doing?

If I did another art, it would be gangster rap. In my case, just regular rap, since I’m not a gangsta.

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